Critique on my gig?


I’ve been nit-picking back and forth with how I’ve wanted to present it and looking at other gigs for ideas on how they do it and I think I’ve settled on something I’m happy with throwing up on my social media sties soon.
But, since I’m new to this still and don’t know what kinds of questions people run into, I’d love critique on things I could add for clarification for buyers, or what I should add/take away. Thanks! :blush:


Everything looks pretty darn good to me! :smiley:
If I were to add anything though, I would explain what is considered a “revision.”

A lot of buyers tend to ask for something completely different after they see the
finished product, so for my gig I make it clear in the description that if the buyer
asks for something that was NOT included in the original description, that would
count as another gig.
One the other hand, something like slightly changing the size or color, anything minor like that,
I will do for free.


I also wouldn’t use “cute” as one of your keywords. “Drawing” would be a better fit. I’d be searching for a drawing before I would “cute”.


Whenever I see your profile image it brightens my day! So, Jess, here’s my point of view, not that I’m some specialist in gig improving, but how I see it as a potential buyer and from my seller’s point of view as well:

  1. I would have loved to see a video showcasing more of your portfolio (I love watching a cartoonist’s portfolio!) AND with your voice in the background enthusiastiaclly talking** about your service to make the buyer feel eager to use your service (I, myself, have noticed that when a person uses an enthusiastic/eager tone it makes me eager to use that service, it simply stimulates my subconscious into buying it, makes me feel like a child who sees a great commercial and tells his parents “can I have this please? PLEASEEE?!?!”)

  2. Also, I see that you specify the rights you transfer to your buyer. Have you added the “Commercial Use” GigExtra add-on to your gig instead of asking your buyers in your description to contact you for that? Because that GigExtra will be helpful for buyers who want full commercial rights, and it’s also what the TOS recommends :wink:

  3. One other thing: besides what @uncarved said about changing the “cute” tag to “drawing”, which is what people search most for, I’d also change “disney” to something else like “illustration” which is another commonly searched term, since I don’t see many people searching for “disney”, and I also don’t know if or how you’re allowed to use brand names like Disney®©™ in your tags (I’d also be curious about this matter)

  4. Finally (sorry for being a pain, I just like you a lot! :smiley: ), why not add more file formats like JPG and such? Why just limit yourself to PNG considering that it’s so easy to convert to other formats, because some buyers will explicitly require JPG, PSD and such.

  5. Also, I don’t know if it’s me or not, but there’s a huge difference between your mid- and high-package… I found that if the 3rd package is not that much of a difference than the 2nd one, I’d be more inclined into adding the extra buck for getting the premium package (maybe increase the price of your 2nd package or decrease that of the 3rd? I’m just throwing ideas at you, that’s all!), especially considering that some buyers will think “come on, coloring is easy, why charge so much more?” even if they don’t know whether it’s actually easy or hard - they simply remember that it was easy to color when they were kids, so :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. and also add to my list what @zeus777 said - it’s important to make sure buyers understand what revisions mean, since you’ll most likely have buyers who demand complete re-design/re-drawing because they thought it was a revision (many don’t know the difference between redesign and revision)


@zeus777 @uncarved Thank you guys! I’ll change the keywords for sure and adding what a revision entails is a great idea.

@Woofy31 No pain at all! This is all super great feedback, especially the video is something I hadn’t thought about plus could give me more space to explain what I’m offering while showing more pretties. :blush:

I’m hesitant about offering commercial products on Fivver since I often like to write the contracts for those myself and the pricing is very dependent on what is being done with it. I’m taking Fivver as more of a casual thing and would rather discuss commercial options with someone rather than taking an order right off. However, offering more file formats is something I could do and isn’t too much of a hassle, I just didn’t consider that either haha! (d’oh!)

The packages are something I went back and forth on a lot. I actually had a few different gigs for each one, but honestly just having one to manage I think is more than enough for a starting point. I could either bring the second option up to a midway point (offering sketched with flat coloring?) or bring the third down to that level and not offer more detailed coloring at all? I definitely keeping the basic sketch bust at least since that’s something I could actually sell for $5 and not overwork myself. :joy:


“More pretties” FTW! :smiley:

I would suggest bumping up the price of your 2nd package, because like I said, some buyers will think “come on, coloring is easy, why charge so much more?” even if they don’t know whether it’s actually easy or hard - they simply remember that it was easy to color when they were kids, so they think it’s overpriced WHEN COMPARED to the 2nd package.

I had once a drawing gig myself, and did exactly what you thought of: made the 2nd package with a flat color, and full color details in the 3rd package, which allowed me to increase the 2nd package’s price without feeling like I’m robbing the buyer :stuck_out_tongue:


@teatimejess Here’s another idea from another gig of mine: you can add hatching as shading for the 2nd package instead of flat color, like this gig I had (and note the slight difference between the 2nd & 3rd packages)

[details=Summary]And yes, I love drawing in my spare time and here’s my collection of cute critters:



omg those are awesome :slight_smile: <3


Well thank you :slight_smile: (although my mom was like "what the heck are those? They’re so nasty!) Here’s what I had in mind about the final products when this idea came up - parents printing out cards like this for their kids, to reveal the monsters from under their beds and not be scared anymore, even make exchange with other kids




You’d make a cute AF tarot deck or a D&D/Magic the Gathering type of deck.


@uncarved @Woofy31 omg yesss those are adorable! I love them :sparkles:

Alrighty, made those changes so just need to make a video now! That will take time haha.


Thank you Jess!

And brilliant! Already proud (great pricing IMO), but now make me prouder with a video that will melt my inner child’s heart :smiley: not that your profile image hasn’t already done that :stuck_out_tongue: And in the process maybe think of some additional extras to add (buyers love seeing extras to choose from)


Will do! Thank you guys for all your help omg :cry::sparkling_heart:


Here’s an idea: what about an extra that offers the buyer the source files? Oh, wait… that’s probably conflicting with your licensing options. Anyway, just thought of throwing that idea to the pool, maybe it raises another idea in your mind :stuck_out_tongue:


After fighting with the file size I added a video! Do you know how long it takes to show up? It’s sort of just a blank square for me.


I know how hard it is to fight the video file size - I literally managed to make it the maximum possible allowed :stuck_out_tongue: Is it still 50Mb with 30sec, or have they increased the limits?

Also, it can take up to 24 hours to verify and approve (or reject?) the video, but in my case it usually took max 12 hours.


I didn’t see any restrictions on length, just size so hopefully it will be okay! :fearful: Mine’s like a minute 45 haha. Good to know! Guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Thank you. ^^


Be careful, I’ve heard some gig videos were removed because they were longer than a minute, and last I knew it was only 30 sec allowed. Better ask CS just to be on the safe side!


Looks like it’s a minute! I managed to cut it down but didn’t realize it’d be my gig thumbnail haha. Hopefully on searches it shows as the first gallery image and not the video. :confused:


Actually, it will show your video screenshot on gig search results. But let me tell you a secret: once the video is approved, you can edit your gig and set the exact video Frame that should be displayed by default under the “play” button and thus in the search results. You can choose any frame/second from the video to become your gig image/thumbnail :wink: