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Hi Fiverrsss,

One of the biggest issue on FIVERR is how to cross-sell. Just to make an example. Have you done a Logo for a customer? Well, he will probably need new business cards. So why don’t refer another Worker-mate? How to do this? Well, there are different options
-I refer to you, you refer to me
-Decide the compensation for the referral and create a custom order every time is needed.

For example I am offering many business related Gigs (Privacy Policy, Startup Valuation etc…) but what I saw is that in general people are reluctant to this kind of business. What’s your thought on this?

I have considered this and while there are a small number of people I would recommend to others, the idea of getting paid for it is a little complicated. The people I would recommend are those I have bought from repeatedly myself and so I know what their work is like. I haven’t received payment from them as such but I believe they give me a better service when I need them as they want me to continue commending them.
I am hesitant to recommend people as if they let the client down, my reputation would suffer with that client.

If you are close to the other seller and can trust them bring up the idea of a commission based system whereas they agree to pay you a fixed percentage for every client you send them.

I would rather offer them another one of my gigs after delivery.

I like that idea. Keep all the profits for yourself…hehehehe.

Personally, I have gigs that can complement each other, but I also have a list of sellers with whom I have done business with and was very satisfied with their work. In this case we agree that we send business to each other when the opportunity arises, but we don’t keep track of the results. It goes without saying that when we make a sale after a referral we send a thank you note.

I like this idea … If anyone have web design job then contact with me

This idea something poped in my mind too I wrote it 10 days before the same Thanks

I completely agree with you… the Reputation is at stake…

There was an incident when one of my client wanted a Video to be made… i recommended him one of Fiverr member who gave me Voice over work… and i also gave my fellow colleague(fiverr member) specific instructions about the client… but i dont know what went wrong between them… The client stopped interacting with me as well :frowning:

But i certainly would love to Associate with Explainer Video Makers… i often get clients who ask a video to be made …

Yes thats good idea . Actually my clients recommend my name to others and I get more projects . :slight_smile: