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Crossed $20,000 Mark - Thank you Fiverr!

Today I’m really happy to share this exciting news with you especially the new sellers.

I am feeling really happy about crossing this mark on Fiverr. It’s been an excellent journey and it’s going well at the moment.

I think this may inspire or give hope to new or struggling sellers here on Fiverr. I know that it’s not easy, it takes a lot of parameters in-check to achieve this success, but it’s possible if you remain focused, work hard, deliver quality work, deliver fast and few other things.

I’m really thankful to the great platform of Fiverr to provide me with the opportunity to work for the things I’m passionate about and honestly this is all what Fiverr is about… Doing what you love.

Thank you Fiverr!


Congrats, It’s really inspiring to see your statistics. Lot more work to do ahead so good luck! :star_struck:

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Congratulations. Keep the good work.
All the best for your Fiverr journey :slight_smile:

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Thank you @helloscoopz

Thank you! @codeshaper