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Crossed $500/month mark for the first time!

Hello fellow seller friends and loyal buyers !!!

July, 2016 is THE month for I crossed $500/month mark for the first time ever on Fiverr since I joined in 2014. I’ve said numerous times that I love Fiverr and is because it is playing an excellent part in my financial growth.

I’ve been working sincerely here on Fiverr and trying best to make buyers happy in form of

  • Fast and proper communication
  • Great product
  • Delivery before time (sometimes within few minutes !!!)
  • and BONUS !!

Although, I’m still working on the “communication” part and learning from mistakes as well as success and accordingly making improvements in this part.

Journey on Fiverr has been excellent so far (aah ! $500 for the first time) and am excited to keep marching ahead and someday share a post here with an added zero this figure !! :slight_smile:

Wow this is awesome! I’m working my way up to get there. I’m a web developer, check out my gig:

That’s great,Congrats and best of luck for future.

I crossed more than doubled as compared to yours. So, all the best for your bright future. Thanks!

I get tips a lot :smiley:

Thanks. You’ve some interesting gigs there. Keep up !!

Yes, I’m marching towards to greater earnings !! thank you.

That’s great. Tips is something I do get once in a while.