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Crossed messages/orders?


I’m not sure if this is a bug or just an odd coincidence, but I’ve been getting messages that include all of the usual information that is required in my gig instructions. Is there some odd issue with ordering?

The messages read exactly as if the sender is filling in an order form and like they fully expect the work to be in progress. I know that sometimes someone wants to provide all the info in advance to make sure I’m on the ‘same page’, but I have yet to get an order from any of these people even though I direct them to actually place an order. The messages are all high-quality, no red flags at all.

It just seems strange. Is anyone else having similar communications lately.


I’m just getting wacky messages that aren’t orders. Why did they combine inbox and order notices together in the same area again?


Reply to @topaz_muse: I have no idea. And sorry I didn’t see your response sooner - no notifications! ARGH!


Do you mean you are getting messages from buyers who are sending custom offers? Was it resolved anyway?


Reply to @julipalmer7: No. What’s happening is that I’m getting messages to my inbox that read exactly the same as when an order gets placed. The messages are basically as if the sender has placed the order and is following my required instructions.

It’s not unusual for a potential buyer to message to explain a little a little about what they want and then ask if I can do it, but as an example with my forum posts gig, I’ll get a message that says something like: "Hi, this is my forum xxxxx. I’d like you to post about xxxxx. Spread the posts over two days. Thanks."

There are usually no questions at all, just ‘directions’. I respond telling them I’ll be happy to do the work as soon as they place an order, but I never hear from them again.

It’s still happening, just no so often.


Oh I get you yes, I know what youre talking about.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I’ve had this happen before, then about 3 days later they responded saying they didn’t know how to order.

Literally had to screen grab and highlight the big green “order gig” button. It worked though!

Maybe these buyers are equally as confused how to order?


Reply to @lunabea: I guess I’ll be a little more explanatory about how they can order. Thanks for the tip!