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Crowdfunding help needed urgently

Hi guys,

I am new here, just joined yesterday. I am kind of lost and I need your help urgently.

I started a crowdfunding campaign to fund my upcoming book, Burning Cigarette. It is a compelling story about revolution, love, religious bigotry and much more. And I have a few believers in me who donated as soon as I started the campaign and booked their copies.

However, it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. My target was supposed to be 15,000 US$, I have a little less than a thousand in 11 days. With 33 days left, I am disappointed and was looking for help on the internet, cause I faced myself I cannot do this on my own, and stumbled upon Fiverr.

I am willing to try 25$ at Fiverr to see if it will turn my luck around.

I already have a FB page, so I don’t need that. But who has popular websites, FB pages, Twitter accounts, to promote my page there? Or who can write an article about my book, after knowing more about it and post it somewhere popular?

Just anything to boost my traffic and my viewers base and target a more relevant audience, AND I KNOW THAT DOES NOT GUARANTEE DONATIONS. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Hope you can help.


Be careful not to waste money on useless gigs. Some so-called popular Facebook or Twitter pages and accounts are swamped with inactive likes and followers. Check out one of my guides below to know more.

You need to hire real advertisers, not just spend up to $25 to buy a few gigs that promise likes or followers or something like that.

Also, why is it costing you $15K to publish a book, are you not using Print On Demand technology? Like using Amazon’s Create Space to publish it? There are others but that is a major one. (No upfront costs (just your own file design and editing)

You can print each book individually with print on demand technology like Amazon’s. You just need a couple hundred dollars for the cover design and editing.