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Crying for less order

Hi senior saller bro, I am new in fiverr on t-shirt design, I have make a very nice gig, but buyer didn’t ordering me. Please help me, how could I get more order? My gig link is
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Hi @mkt_groups,

It helps to study the data of your gig.

If the problem is the lack of impressions, then you might need to optimize your gig with the right keywords, tags and thumbnails. Also take your time to answer on Buyer Requests!

If the problem is that you don’t convert the views into orders, then maybe your gig description is the problem. It has to be done professionally!

Good luck on fiverr,

useful keywords will help.

Agree with @translationsger

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Thanks for answer, but I think my gig equipments are accurate, please visit my gig, and give me some suggestion,

Do not cray here we are have same problem from last one month we are getting less order due to Fiverr some new feature and updates and extra fees etc…

But i will suggest you to share your gig an social network like facebook, twitter, linkdin etc,
you will get traffic and buyer from there ,

Thanks a lot for your experienced suggesting…