🔮 Make a Prediction for September


What do you think will happen this month? How do you think the month will go?

:fortune_cookie: Fiverr will change the search algorithm.


fortune @discobot

Will Fiverr change the search algorithm this month?


I think sales will go up, overall, as people return to work/business/school after summer fun.


We need your insight.

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


We’ll get episode 3 for Fiverrcast (it was supposedly recorded in July )
Thank god we submitted our questions in July otherwise we might have been late :yum:


We’ll have a Giant wave of spammers, both on Fiverr and Forum… :ant:

Anyone who disagree? :smirk:


Ugh! I’ll be ready with my swatter in hand. :raised_back_of_hand:t4:


Besides a possible search algorithm changed, my prediction is hopefully a little more distinction of topics on what it is people do. I still think the graphics/design/arts sections need more narrow pathways.


Fiverr is going to advertise more and more sales!

And This month many people will turn TRS


I predict that @sydneymorgan will be right and will then create a psychic gig which will be so popular she will be the first Pro psychic - mainly for the incredible feat of predicting something that Fiverr would do which is known to be the ultimate challenge for psychics.


You will be praised as the “psychic sidekick” who predicted all of it would happen to begin with. It’s a glamorous title but there are no royalties involved :mage:


There is going to be a successful record on the Fiverr App - the withdraw funds.
A visible change in the Team Account function :slight_smile:


I predict that September will be a prelude to October. :wink:


I predict a new iPhone will be announced, and people will line up to get it!


@discobot quote

tell us a quote about that :roll_eyes:


:left_speech_bubble: He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat. — Napoleon Bonaparte




yeah!! then we will become to nocturnal owls!! :sunglasses: :wink: :owl:



I think the USD will go up against the MXN even more. That favours me now so I must hope for it. Mixed feelings here.