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CS cancellation won’t affect order completion rate now

Seem fiverr finally listen to us.
Recently I have an order cancelled by CS (buyer mistake) and my order completion rate still 100% aka no affected. This is good news!


Wow if its true then its a great news !!! :smile: :wink:
But no official confirmation has been done by fiverr staff yet

that s great new but your completion rate does not decrease after 24 hrs…

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The rate doesn’t always change after a cancellation.
Lets say someone has 150 orders, and cancelled one, the rate of 1 out 150, is always 100%.

You can do a ratio calculation between how many completed orders and cancelled one you have in the last 60 days, and maybe one order has no big effect after doing the maths.

Another reason, is the system may take time to update your rates.

One of the other TRS also same thing happened, no affect order completion rate.
I think they slowly & silently ‘fixing’ that for us.

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hi, i’m not sure but it’s percentage so i hope they calculate like bellow… :thinking:

99.6 - 100 = 100%
99.1 - 99.5 = 99%

@armer If I am not mistaken, the order completion rate is calculated only based on the orders you have had in the last 60 days… So, unless someone really had 150 orders within the last 60 days (a very small percent of buyers imo), what you said (about the order completion rate being at a 100%) doesn’t hold true.

So, even if you had just 1 cancellation in the last 60 days, you would have to have more than 199 orders successfully completed within the same duration to still retain your 100% order completion rate — assuming that when someone achieves a completion rate of 99.5%, it gets rounded up to 100%.

So, if you have 1 cancelled order and 199 completed orders (within a 60 day period), this would correspond to an order completion rate of exactly 99.5% (≈100%).

I am kinda new to this stuff, so please correct me if I am wrong…

If you take these values :arrow_up: to calculate the order completion rate, you would NOT get 100%. I am unsure of how you arrived at 100%.

Order completion rate % = (number of orders completed/total number of orders) * 100.

So, if you plug in the values, it would be (149/150) * 100 = 99.3% order completion (which would be rounded off to 99%).

I wish that was true, but I had 4 cancellations made by CS because of buyer mistakes or abusive buyers, and my % dropped. And I’m a TRS as well. So either you haven’t started seeing the decrease, or you have enough orders in the past 60 days to counteract the problem.

More so, CS told me several times that completion ratio % will decrease even with cancellations made by CS, because that’s how the system works and all cancellations are treated the same and affect us the same way on our Analytics page.

The only thing I’ve been told is that if there are cancellations made by CS that put our level / badge at risk, we should contact CS a few days before evaluation to have a look at the problem.


I don’t know but I don’t have much orders, after the St.Level day launched any cancellation my % will instant dropped but this time won’t.

I don’t know is this a lucky ‘bug’ or what, let’s see.


I’ve had CS cancel an order for me without my order completion rate dropping too. I’m not even a TRS, as people seem to think that might be of any importance here. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s been too long for not seeing the decrease now and I certainly didn’t have any more orders than the times before when I saw my rate drop pretty much instantly and usually several percent at once because I don’t have that many orders.

If it’s a ‘lucky bug’, I hope it will stick around, but my hopes rest on a change to a fairer cancellation policy, more well-briefed staff, or whatever else is the reason if it wasn’t a bug.


Good to know @miiila
Look like they really solved our complaint.

A good thumb up to fiverr for this ‘updates’.

You are somehow right, but it’s a %.
Those numbers was just an example to explain my idea.
Lets take someone with 4 orders. He will still have 100% right?
Lets say after few days and within the 60 days range, he has 4 orders, so its 3 completed and 1 cancelled, his rate will 75%.

So 149 out of 150 is 99.3%.
29 out 30 is 96.6%

Even if its one order in both cases, the effect is not the same.

So maybe 149 out of 150 is not 100% but as you said 1 out of 200 is rounded up to 100%.
Or even anything above 99 is 100.
And that was the idea.

Secondly, as I said, it was just speculation, because the OP didn’t share other data with us.
And this is why I talked about the 24hours thing too.

Is this confirmed? Any announcement, anyone, please…?

1 have 1 cancellation by CS this month and my cancellation rate in dashboard shown 7%
But my Order Completion rate still shown 100% (cancelled by CS).

So I think this is real.
Plus the new announcement by the CEO, I think they are now ‘fixing’ seller complaints, which is good & fortunate.


Can you please share the link to this?

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Wow… Thats amazing… FInally FIverr listen to us

Here you go:


Or it could just be a clever ploy to keep us hoping… and waiting… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, I really wish what Mr. Kaufman said :arrow_up: is true :pray:

The roll-out of the new new features is a wonderful start!

7 days ago my order canceled by CS but not affect on my completion rate that is still 100%