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CS cancellation won’t affect order completion rate now

1 have 1 cancellation by CS this month and my cancellation rate in dashboard shown 7%
But my Order Completion rate still shown 100% (cancelled by CS).

So I think this is real.
Plus the new announcement by the CEO, I think they are now ‘fixing’ seller complaints, which is good & fortunate.


Can you please share the link to this?

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Wow… Thats amazing… FInally FIverr listen to us

Here you go:


Or it could just be a clever ploy to keep us hoping… and waiting… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, I really wish what Mr. Kaufman said :arrow_up: is true :pray:

The roll-out of the new new features is a wonderful start!

7 days ago my order canceled by CS but not affect on my completion rate that is still 100%


I can 100% confirmed CS cancellation won’t affect Order Completion rate now.
I just have an order cancelled by CS and my stats still shown 100%.

So if buyer order by mistake or it’s not seller fault due to cancellation, just contact CS and you be safe.


That’s a nice change! <3 But more work is needed to have sellers protected.

I did, 4 times in a row, and my completion rate still dropped with every order cancelled by CS at the buyer’s fault or because of abusive buyers.

So I’m sorry to say this again, but I can confirm 100% that CS-cancelled orders STILL affect SOME sellers.
Not all apparently, so maybe Fiverr is still working to address this… all I can say is lucky you and anyone who isn’t affected by it :slight_smile:

Until we have a public note from Fiverr or CS, there is no 100% guarantee that CS-cancelled orders affect or don’t affect us. Some of you are lucky for now, while some of us aren’t yet :slight_smile:


Recently I got an order from the buyer and within 1 hour he said order placed by mistake. However, as the buyer was also a seller I thought How could he really do it by mistake? After that I contacted CS and they said we can do nothing only option is to cancel. However, I told them it’s none of my fault but they said we can cancel but it will count and affect.

However, I too see in my gig I see Cancelation 5% but in my stats there is no decrease.

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@Woofy did your stats also reflect these cancellations?

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It has been 3 days I saw no decrease.

About orders I calculated and my total orders in last 60 days are below 50 means atleast 2% drop shall show as per orders.

Yes, my stats still reflect all cancellations (I’ve had only CS cancellations so far, and they all are reflected :roll_eyes: )

Maybe this feature isn’t for TRS, and TRS will still be held responsible for any and every cancellation? :expressionless: I mean, the way Fiverr is working sideways and everything they change seems to be heading downhill, it wouldn’t be illogical that TRS are still affected. Heck, illogical is the main term here, it should become part of Fiverr’s next tagline :smiley: :neutral_face: #twilight_zone

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We can always hope that the next round of changes will eliminate these issues.

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Nope - I finally have only CS cancellations, and they all have dropped my %.

Both I & CS can confirm 100% that CS cancellations still affect order completion :pensive:

Here’s what CS also said:

"We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of you. At this point, all cancelations will count towards your statistics."

I’m so tired of this nonsense illogical cancellation scheme - I’m sorry, but whoever came up with this horrible idea of blaming sellers for All cancellations (even though it’s not their fault) clearly has a logic problem!
Really now, who can possibly come up with such logic-defying ideas?! It feels more like some sort of revenge on all sellers than an actual helpful feature - it’s ruining everything a freelancer should stand for and be about, as it strips the whole “free” put of freelancer :disappointed:


We were assured that staff was well aware of the problem. I wonder why they let it continue. It’s very discouraging.

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Being aware and actually doing something about it are two completely different things, and considering for how long this is going, I doubt they’ll ever do something about it. It’s easier to just embrace and throw the “we can’t do anything about it” :frowning:


Surely they realize that it’s not good for fiverr if sellers are placed in this no-win situation that whatever they do, no matter how hard they try, they will face failure.

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I don’t think it matters to them (Fiverr) anymore - there are already too many sellers, not counting the many ones signing up every day.

It’s become a luck game, nothing more.

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Apparently not. The thing is that it affects fiverr’s profits. How do you have a sales force where even the highest earners, the hardest working, most dedicated and successful sellers, are penalized for things they can’t control and demoted for things that they have no control over? It’s illogical from a management standpoint.