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CS Cancelled Completed Order


CS cancelled an order over a month after being marked complete and gave the buyer a full refund, meaning he can keep my work for free. I haven’t received a reason for this yet, but I had a bad experience with the buyer asking for more than agreed on the custom order and accusing me of delivering incomplete work. For content, I delivered a small program (few lines of code) to create a data frame, so the requirements were very objective and the extra work was only mentioned after accepting the custom order.

I reported said buyer to CS for a range of ToS violations, but nothing was done. However CS seems to have taken his accusations very seriously, as I have recently received a message from CS regarding this order, asking me to deliver what I “owed” the buyer. I explained the situation and sent evidence of delivering everything agreed and the CS agent agreed that the delivery was complete. I was very pleasantly surprised CS agreed with me and I thank that agent for being so helpful, but I still wish CS could investigate a bit before sending me a message asking to deliver what I “owe” this buyer or ask for some evidence before going after sellers.

After that experience I thought the issue was over, but now this happens. I wish every time a user made a complain regarding the same order CS could access all the other tickets to assess the situation and give a warning to buyers reporting the same thing again and again, so I don’t have to explain the situation every time (this story goes on for a while now).

I’ve contacted CS to once again explain the situation. Not sure if the outcome can change, since I don’t think they can make the buyer pay me again, but we can hope. On the bright side, this buyer now received my work for free, which is what he wanted, so hopefully he can leave me alone.

Many thanks for listening, rant over :slight_smile:


If you have proof they’re using the delivery, you might get reimbursed. (Or possibility of a DMCA takedown.)


Same thing happened to me.

A buyer wanted to contact me outside of Fiverr, I reported it, and Fiverr did nothing. No warning, nothing. They gave me a false warning for that in the past (has been removed after an appeal, I have no idea why I even got it). A few months later, I suddenly got a notification of a cancelled order. CS have done nothing for me, and persist that my order was not completed to the “Buyer’s requirements”.


That’s awful, I’m glad to hear you managed to remove that warning.

Fortunately most buyers are honest and a pleasure to work with, but I wish Fiverr looked after their sellers a bit more. It seems there’s so much protection for buyers against bad sellers, but not the other way.


Well the Fiverr Support can’t do nothing, they are just like a filter. If you can prove they will send you to a relevant department. I got one cancelation after the work be done, and the buyer left 1 star review… i proved that i was right but the Fiverr don’t will remove this not legitm review. (Even being right)

All that the Fiverr will do is remove the cancelation in the statistics, and refund you… and even so i was refunded just in 50%. Is really frustrating, i don’t care about the money, but what made me be frustrated is be punished by fault of the buyer.

Looks like that the better option in the end is just give up and cancel… or you can fight for the refund this is all that you have chance to maybe receive back.

I say that not because the CS is bad, but because this is not in their control… they don’t have access to the mechanism, algorithm, and etc… Unfortunately, the CS will jus cancel without checking in depth … only when I presented evidences they sent me to the “Relevant Department” to do a thorough analysis of the case.


Hey thanks for sharing. If they offer some refund and remove the cancellation in the statistics I’ll be more than happy! I’m still speaking to CS but I provided evidence so hopefully I’ll be directed to the “Relevant Department” too. Did this whole progress take a long time for you?

Also, I agree the CS staff are not bad and there’s nothing personal against them. They’re doing their job as well as they can, it’s just the system that’s frustrating.


For me was like 12 days. I don’t know how much time they need to provide their feedback.

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Thanks for the reply. I provided proof of my completed work and communication between me and the buyer, but I was told by the CS that they can’t force a buyer to accept an order, even completed ones. It was basically implied that a buyer can cancel an order at any time for any reason and CS has to accept the cancellation and give a refund. There’s nothing they can do, so best to move on they said. Not ideal but it could be worse I guess. :confused:

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That is truly awful and sadly another example how Fiverr is bias towards Buyers and penalises Seller… I hope you can get this sorted out.

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Thank you, they just stopped responding to my tickets and I stopped wasting my time trying to contact them.

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I’m sorry to hear that, I’ve recently had the same situation.

As soon as I asked CS why Fiverr is bias towards Buyers and penalises Sellers, they stopped responding to my ticket (completed later order due to buyer). They are showing their bias and it is disgraceful.

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