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CS is not replying

A buyer purchased my gig and didn’t submit any information on which i need to do the job even i asked him several times. Then i delivered the order to avoid the late delivery. Soon after i got a cancellation request from the buyer and a second warning from fiverr regarding inappropriate use of delivery button and my account has been flagged for 30 days.

I generated a ticket to CS regarding this matter but its now been more than 30 hours but still didn’t get any reply. I don’t know why they are not replying or they will not reply my mail.


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Sometimes it has taken even 3 days to get a response. Maybe even more. But eventually they will reply, so just have to wait.

When you next face a similar issue, send a cancellation request instead, as that gives a couple of days extra time. You can then abort it before it auto-cancels if the buyer is still not responding, and send it again to get extra time. At that point you may want to contact support and ask them to cancel the order without affecting your completion ratio.

They are surely not going to unflagg your account , you have clearly misuse the delievery button here.


If buyer is not providing the information and making it late or cancel will effect badge level, what you think you will do? @deeboss99

you could have contact the CS at that time , they would have help you to cancel order or something.


just for the effect on the badge you can’t deliever anything .

@deeboss99 I think you are new here, “just effect on badge” , You think this is " just an effect on badge" , It effects your all business on fiverr , cancellation will take your badge to lower level and your gig placing will be dropped even to the next page, this means that you will have no impressions and hence no clicks, No clicks means no business, It takes time and too much hard work to get your gig on top of the line in search results and one cancellation will take you back to monthssssss…

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No matter how much you don’t want that but @deeboss99 is right.

You violated fiverr TOS. Otherwise how can you deliver an order of your buyer didn’t submit any requirements?

Only option in this case is to reach out to CS and ask them to cancel the order. No other way unless your buyer will reply to you before order deadline.

Sorry to say but fiverr will not lift your warning.


@mariashtelle1 What will happen if i get a third warning and after that? It is written as my account will be suspended, my account will be blocked for ever?

Obviously it will be. It’s clearly written in TOS. So I suggest you read them before getting your last warning.


You don’t get a free pass to misuse the delivery button. The ToS aren’t conditional upon what suits you.

CS isn’t helping because there isn’t a problem and you can fix this yourself.