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Hello I have a problem and the CS manager is not helping me he reads my request and he doesn’t respond and he only says he can do anything and he marks my request as solved i try put a complaing for his poor help and he reads it and deleted I wanna talk with someone else and I dont know how to do it please help me


You only can complain about CS when your will get mail to rate them … And as your ticket is marked as solve then you should get a mail to rate them … You can rate them about their help.


I wanna talk with another manager and he pop up all the time and he close my ticket how I talk with another person?


You can create another ticket … Hope you will get another manager … :grinning:

I make that and the dame guy came out :frowning:

He has already replied that he can not change the order status .And when they had cancelled the order then the money were refund to the buyer’s account/payment method.So it is clear that they can not do anything now …You can move on … If you send them too much mail then they will mark your ticket as spam and close all the tickets …I think now it will be better to move on…

@ferllrocks When I start fiverr I also argue with CS about order cancelling because some buyers place wrong orders and ask us to cancel the order. My order completion rate reduced and I lost my level 1 badge 2 times. finally I stopped complaining and worked hard to complete other orders. (90% of buyers are genuine. so, why we worry about that 10%. we must be positive)

Finally Now I got my badges back. If I keep arguing with the CS, Still I will be there.

So, I suggest you to be positive and move on. :sunglasses:


So I lost my month of work wow really thank you

I can’t simple move on because I work hard days and night for a MONTH and they just cant say my job was incomplete I lost a month of my life I lost money and my earnings I make a free book for someone and I just move on and keep working?

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hey buddy, I can understand you. I also faced the same situation. In that days I only sleep 3 hours per day. but I’m saying Fiverr is a private company. They also have their own rules. May be they are wrong. but We can’t argue with them. Don’t waste your time by arguing with them.


I guess my only option is talk with the buyer then

I am going to give you some advice here. You have tried hard to get them to talk to you about an order that was cancelled and they closed the ticket after telling you they can’t change that.

So now you want to keep talking to the buyer who won’t talk to you. I guess you are sending the buyer repeated messages.

You should stop. You are not going to get anywhere with the buyer. I think it’s time to stop before the buyer reports you for harassment.

You cannot force people to talk to you if they don’t want to.


I agree with @misscrystal. you should stop before fiverr ban you.


worst thing about fiverr…

Awsome I just lost 500$ bucks and a month for work now the buyers is gonna make money with my illustrations and Im gonna be banned for harrasment great I feel so much better now how pleasent this experience on fiverr for sure im gonna keep working here

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In an ideal world this would be enough.
In this one, OP lost one month of work.

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The buyer doesn’t have the legal right to use your illustrations. You can try publishing them yourself.


Thank you! That’• what i’m saying also the CS manager told me wait 24 h to the buyer reply 24 h past I writte CS again and he close my ticket? EXCELLENT SERVICE

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Yeah someone told me that yesterday and I am a book designer too that would be easy for me


Its really sad actually I can feel the pain and we can’t do anything here because the seller almost has upper hand if we miss even 1%. However, I would suggest you to learn from these things try to complete big orders in sects that will atleast help you a lot. I never too $500 order at once and its working out!

If he reselles it and or uses on his website or at any other place where you can keep and eye you can file a claim and this will land anyone in trouble thus atleast you will get your rights if he does so.

Best of luck and work hard to overcome this and just move on :wink:

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