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CS marked ticket “solved” when they did nothing

I have a buyer who wants an extra he/she/they didn’t pay for, and insisted on cancelling, so I requested that Fiverr cancel it in a way that wouldn’t affect my completion rate (my gigs are very low volume, so any cancellation is a big deal for me). There was no response, yet the ticket was marked “solved”. Meanwhile, the clock is still ticking on an order that’s due tomorrow.


Hello @pictishwitch1, I am sorry to hear about that. Perhaps you can try sending another e-mail to them and see if they would respond in case they accidentally closed the first one?

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This is strange…,
Usually they will response to our support ticket.
Have you check your email?

and after they marked “solved”, usually we will receive email from Fiverr - a Questionary - Fiverr Satisfaction stats.

Are you not receive Fiverr emails at all?

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I usually receive a response when they’ve acted on a ticket, but not this time.

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I already sent a follow up, but have heard nothing.

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Can anybody advise. Im sure its not uncommon to have the odd dispute between a buyer and a seller. A seller left a review on my profile months ago and in turn I wrote one about her (one sentence)
Fiver has deleted my review on her profile restoring her rating to 5 stars and have allowed her 1 star review to remain on my profile
I contacted fiver and they wont delete it from my profile. the order was cancelled too
I find this really unfair.

It is pretty uncommon for customer support to take the seller’s side and remove the negative review the buyer left. It means that whatever proof the seller provided was sufficient enough to corroborate what they wrote in their review and whatever complaint they’ve made.

Also, a buyer can’t leave a review “in turn”. The buyer’s review comes first and the seller can’t see it or respond to it until they leave their own.

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All I wrote in response to the seller blocking me (which I didnt mind but she would let me respond to her message) was “this seller is full of bs” - i did not write bullshit and bs can mean anything

the seller however has accused me of being “entitled and rude” which i definately was not - and definately said nothing rude towards the seller. it was in context of something regarding me order not her - but a third party

on this basis i feels its pretty awful that fiver have allowed her (very unfair) review to remain visible on my own profile? whereas they deleted any opportunity i had to rate her?

It’s happens sometimes if they think case is not important they are going to close it without any reply or action when that happens you will receive a mail that they asking about the case which I just don’t remember which is an automated email from CS if that case is very important and urgent try again

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CS left the review up because either 1) they found the seller’s review to be true and accurate based on the interactions between you two which CS can access and we as forum users can’t; 2) they found your review immature and rude or 3) both. Everyone knows what “bs” means, especially when someone is “full of it”, come on.

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