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CS marked ticket “solved” when they did nothing

I have a buyer who wants an extra he/she/they didn’t pay for, and insisted on cancelling, so I requested that Fiverr cancel it in a way that wouldn’t affect my completion rate (my gigs are very low volume, so any cancellation is a big deal for me). There was no response, yet the ticket was marked “solved”. Meanwhile, the clock is still ticking on an order that’s due tomorrow.

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Hello @pictishwitch1, I am sorry to hear about that. Perhaps you can try sending another e-mail to them and see if they would respond in case they accidentally closed the first one?

This is strange…,
Usually they will response to our support ticket.
Have you check your email?

and after they marked “solved”, usually we will receive email from Fiverr - a Questionary - Fiverr Satisfaction stats.

Are you not receive Fiverr emails at all?

I usually receive a response when they’ve acted on a ticket, but not this time.

I already sent a follow up, but have heard nothing.