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CS paused my gig after reporting a seller who copied my gig description

Yesterday I opened a ticket that one seller copied my gig description A-Z and today I received a message from fiverr "We noticed that your Gig create animated logo intro video needs to be modified to be available in our marketplace. " and the reason is I used fiverr logo in my gig video. So now I have a problem with my gig and the gig that has copied description is still there without any problem. Where is my solution? :thinking:

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Try updating your gig video and tell CS to activate your gig again?

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Hello @inka_iskandar I already did it but what happened with other person who copied my gig description. I am really confused about this. :confused:

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Sorry for that, you’ll get better.
Sometimes, it is best to tell the seller who copied you to do something about it than to report him to Fiverr

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I thought Contact with CS would be better rather than contact with the seller and now I got problem by contacting CS :confused:

Reporting copy/pasted gig was the right thing to do and I’m sure it will be handled by CS. They usuall won’t update you on this matter.

However this doesn’t mean you can violate TOS.


I had fiverr logo in my gig video they said for this reason I need some modification. However there is no warning or anything else. I just edited( removed fiverr logo) my gig and it’s showing on pending approval

This guy ********* is a top seller on Fiverr and has Fiverr’s logo in Gig video ********, even I remember that they asked me to add exclusively on Fiverr to approve the video.

Also there is no information about logo uses on Gig video on Fiverr TOS

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I know there is thousand of gig that have fiverr logo on their video and I also had and there was no problem in past 1 year and I got notified now because I contacted them and they checked my gig video here the mail that I received

No it will not be handled by CS unfortunately, happened to me before and they simply said no it is not the same just because he changed two words. To be honest I don’t care.

Aside from you having to modify your gig for the reasons given to you by Fiverr, you can and should report the seller who is copying your gig description.

To do so, just go to the seller’s profile and press the “report” button, a window will pop up with options for you to choose. The report will be checked by the Trust & Safety staff.

Fiverr takes down any gigs that are copies of other gigs but it might take them a few days, or they might not take it down at all if they can’t tell who copied whom.

Also just take out the fiverr logo from your gigs if they ask you to. They don’t want that official logo shown on gigs which might confuse people into thinking that somehow that gig is officially part of the fiverr site.

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I already did it and waiting for their response