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CS Requests not showing up in "My Activities" (Fiverr Help Centre)

Does anyone have an issue with requests not showing up in the “My Activities” section of Fiverr’s Help Centre? I sent a request and it said it was received but it’s not showing up (all my past requests are there though). This happened once before I simply sent the request a 2nd time, at which point it did show up.
On the other hand, they tell you not to send a request multiple times. Should I resend it if it’s not showing up in “My Activities”?

Yup! It’s a :beetle:

I submitted a ticket yesterday, it confirmed it went through, but it didn’t.

Checked my activities after 5-minutes it was nowhere to be found.

So, I submitted it again and this time it went through successfully. :ok_hand:t4:

To confirm I didn’t create doubles, I checked my activities again today.

I only see the one ticket.

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I’ve tried submitting a ticket 3 or 4 times today, been hours since the last try and still nothing is showing up in my activities. Guess I’ll keep trying haha!

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Yikes! Try sending the request to to see if it shows up.

I know it’s a pain in the hiney but it’s worth a shot. :sweat_smile:


Thanks, I’ll try that!

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Maybe this can also help, it seems to be the same issue.

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