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CS supervisor

Hello everyone,
I need an advice how to reach and contact customer support supervisor, since I did not get any answer and help related to my issue.
Thank you.

@venco83 Visit and click ‘Submit a Request’ in the top right or email directly.

@tinajumayo That error means the message was deleted because it was spam so you’ll have no need to read it anyway.

Fiverr Customer Support

I wish I knew. I’m new on Fiverr and I noticed a message sent to me on 10/27 but when I clicked to read it, it gives me an error message…For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly…I’m not trying to contact the sender, I just wanted to read the email. Can someone tell me please how I can do that?

Thank you.

thanks man, but i actually need to contact CS supervisor not just anyone randomly.

I already know how to submit CS ticket but I dont know how to reach and escalate my issue to CS supervisor since I did not get any help from the CS so far and I’m asking their help and assistance for almost a week

I would like to know too.

First, this is clearly not a tip for sellers so I need to move your post. You didn’t give any details that I see on what your problem is so I don’t know what category it fits it, so I am moving it to Conversations for now. If you could give some more details on what kind of problem you are having and why you need to escalate so quickly (a week is not unusual) it would help a lot with categorizing and giving you direction.

Please make your own post with details. Not in Tips for Sellers, but in either a general category like Conversations or if you have a specific question it might go in Fiverr FAQ’s, Bugs, or Stories. Otherwise, I don’t know of any way to help you and I personally am not going to guarantee a response in someone else’s thread.