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CS suspended me from contacting them. How to contact Fiverr CS?

Hi everyone,

CS had suspended (I didn’t even know this) me from contacting them.

I have an issue with my “Response Rate”. My “Response Rate” is constantly dropping. Today morning the rate was at 98%. I just checked now. It has dropped to 96%.

I have responded to every single message which I received. I have even unmarked spam messages and replied to them. I read in the forum that by not replying to spam messages makes the response rate decrease.

I am assuming my “Response Rate” is dropping because of these spam messages. I did receive quite a few spam messages recently. The users also got removed from the site afterwards. Is this causing the problem? I fear that I might lose my current “Level” if the “Response Rate” keeps on dropping.

I wanted CS to resolve the above issue. I sent the message twice but unfortunately, it looks like they have suspended me from contacting them. I concluded this from the URL and by not receiving confirmation about the ticket.

How can I contact CS?

Thank you everyone for your help.

No, it’s not actually dropping without a reason or due to some bug… It is dropping on the basis of calculation according to the formula.

Your response rate and other stats are calculated of total 60 days. So maybe you missed to reply one or more user in inbox before 24 hrs in your previous days. So that’s why. No need to contact CS. Just be patience and watch.

It happens with me, it happens with all. Just don’t worry.

Hope you understood.


Thank you for replying but your reply does not help. Sorry.

So maybe you missed to reply one or more user in inbox before 24 hrs in your previous days.

You are actually totally wrong. Please read again what I have wrote. I never miss a single message. I usually reply within 30 minutes. And I also reply to spam messages.

If you went back and unmarked old spam messages, they’ll be out of that 24 hour window and won’t count. If the spammer that sent you a message gets removed from the site before you get a chance to respond, I think you still get hit on response rate. It’s not fair, but neither is a lot of stuff on this platform.


Thank you for replying.

Nope, I didn’t do that. It’s the new spam messages.

Actually a few days ago I responded to two or three (cannot remember) spammers about 10-15 minutes before they were removed from the site. Then my “Response Rate” should not decrease.

Do you know any other way to contact CS?

Thank you

How long ago did you send message to CS?

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Well, this is not a bug, and don’t worry this happens with all. It will be fixed automatically, just forget it, focus on your work.

Thank you for replying.

9 months ago. It was regarding a feedback I received from a buyer who was not happy with one of the Fiverr features (Timer). The buyer left his dissatisfaction views in the feedback about the Timer feature. So I contacted CS and repeatedly asked them why can’t they revise the feedback when the buyer has issues with Fiverr’s features. It is Fiverr who implemented the feature. They simply kept on sending me answers from the scripts. I think later they just suspended me contacting them because I kept on sending messages to them asking for a solution.

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What mistake does it show when you are trying to submit your ticket?

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  1. You always receive email confirmation about the ticket. But I did not receive the confirmation of the ticket in my email. I tried twice.

  2. The URL has this “error&message=Cannot+sign+in+suspended+user” in it. This does confirm that I have been suspended.

  3. Also when I click on “My Activities”, the same URL comes up.

Well, you can try to send them an email directly.
But it’s never a good idea to send spam messages like you did.

Did you have other account before? Or it’s your first and only one account?

Would you be able to provide the email address please?

Can you please elaborate? Did I implement the “Timer” feature?

And why would I do that?

You see. I wouldn’t be surprised if CS did indeed suspend you because if they way you are communicating. I understand you are mad but you are even being passive aggressive towards people who’s trying to help you so I only can imagine what you were writing to support team in your messages instead of constructively asking them to escalate and review this case one more time.

You should have their email address in one of the previous confirmations and emails you received from them in your email inbox. You can just copy it and send them direct email hoping it will go through.


No, they were never intending to help me. They repeatedly said “it is buyer’s opinion”. They cannot do anything about it. The matter did go to one of the managers who probably suspended me.

This was the buyer’s feedback “Timed out by Fiverr’s now,now,now schedule. Delivered HMTL will help.”

Buyer did not respond for days. I kept on sending reminders. Then on the last day I just decided to deliver the project.

Let me know what you think.

No I don’t. As I have told you before, the last time I contacted them was 9 months ago.

Their email didn’t change since then. Just go to your old messages 9months ago and copy your email from their.

But hopefully someone else will be more helpful and will do the job for you. You can also search the forum, their email was shared many many times here.

Thank you for your time.

The earliest emails I have are only from November (last month) unfortunately. I send emails to Trash once I have read them.

I will search the forum.

If you repeatedly contact CS about the same issue, I have read on the Forum that they get unhappy with you, and they DO block you from reaching them again.


You must have been hammering them with messages. That’s why they suspended you. I wish you luck with your current problem.

There have been more than one time that I overlooked a message when I swore that I had answered all of them. I don’t know if that’s the situation you have though.

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Here is the email address:

If you type “Customer Support suspended me” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be of interest to you.


Thank you very much for your help.

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