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¿Cuándo crearán un foro de Fiverr en español?

¿O no hay planes de hacerlo?

As far as I know there are no current plans for it. I’ve seen 5-10 interested forum users so far, which probably wouldn’t be enough.

Right now the English-based forum has only moderate fresh activity (besides ads and duplicate topics) and there are no active forum team members who could read/write fluently enough to maintain it. There used to be one active Spanish-speaking Admin but that person doesn’t have any current gigs and is not involved in the forums currently.

You would probably need over a hundred highly interested level 1 or above Spanish-fluent Fiverr users and a sizable group of additional fluent users who could both help build and moderate as volunteers. Then you’d have to find a Fiverr developer on staff who could do the heavy part. Main Fiverr dev hasn’t finished development on the English-based forum and the English moderation tools are not all functional yet. If you get that large fluent user base together and a few volunteer translators and potential moderators, then I would suggest going to Customer Support and seeing if they can connect you with the department to work with on it.