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Cunny buyers on Fiverr

I am so angry right now with myself and fiverr. I don’t know why fiverr favours buyers more instead of sellers, it’s meant to be a 50-50 thing. A buyer made an order with me on file conversion and I delivered his work in high quality 11hours before the due delivery time of 1day. But the buyer resquested for cancellation and said I delivered late even though I didn’t. I declined his request but he still requested to cancel again and I was not given the option to decline again. I either accept or it is marked as accepted by fiverr in 3days. Being a new seller on fiverr it’s hard to make sales as some people think new sellers don’t have experience. But having cunny buyers who don’t want to pay even after receiving their delivery is worst. I believe fiverr should work on this. There shouldn’t be favouritism towards the buyers.


@mercy_brown you can contact CS.

I already accepted his offer to cancel. Can I still contact fiverr support and will they be able to help?

Also I’ve had people talk about some effects cancellation of order has on your gig. Can someone please enlighten me on this?

That’s interesting. Usually one can play cancellation ping pong for months with buyers. So you’ve highlighted something that may be new … or it may be a bug.

Be patient with CS - they’re overwhelmed, but will get back to you eventually.


I feel so sad because as a new buyer its had to make sales. Please can you enlighten me on the cancellation of orders. How can it affect me as a seller?

As a new seller rather it’s hard to make sales. I don’t know what to do

:joy: this is too good…

You’re right, it is hard to make sales at first. However, the cancellation won’t show anywhere where buyers can see it.

It will, however, affect your place in the algorithm. Luckily ir won’t affect your level, since you don’t have one.

And you have 8 good reviews, so you’re doing well.


Thanks for this i hope it doesn’t really affect my account. Someone said after he had cancellation on fiverr his gig was removed from fiverrs page and he wasn’t making sales again

It fades after 60 days anyway, so use the time to … learn marketing, sign up with other platforms, find direct clients … I mean, use the time to your advantage …

Alright I’ll do that
Thanks so much for the help!

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Unfortunately, here on Fiverr, new sellers don’t have the on-site experience to prove their real-world experience, and you’re right, that’s why many buyers choose to work with sellers with proven experience. Reviews, completed orders, and high ratings are what appeal to buyers. New buyers don’t have that yet, and have to find ways to be successful from the bottom up – that’s how business works. That isn’t to say success is not possible, it just means you can’t complain when you have to grow your on-site experience from the bottom up. It’s how success works. That’s how us veteran sellers did it years ago. You have the same opportunities, directions, and possibilities we did back then.

Part of being a successful seller is learning how to deal with these kinds of buyers. If you delivered your work, and your work is as promised in your gig, say no… and then let your no, be “no”. If you give in the demands of cheaters, and bad buyers, you embolden them, and make them think they can do this to someone else. Stand up for your work. Say no, and refuse to cancel completed work.

And if refusing to cancel means that you get a low review, then so be it. That’s part of being in business as well. Are you here to earn revenue, or are you here to let bad buyers take advantage of you?


I reject the cancellation but he sent another request to cancel and this time around I wasn’t given the option to reject. The reject option wasn’t highlighted, only the accept option was highlighted. So it was either I accept or it will be marked as accepted in 2days.

I wish you ignored the second request and contact support instead.

But you can still follow up…contact the support with proof of timely delivery.

Don’t allow a leech to take advantage of your naivity on how the platform works.

Good luck!

Thanks for the help.