Cure for the newbie syndrome: Fiverr's New Sellers Section


I see a lot of new Fiverr members complaining that they will never get sales, because the top level sellers get all the breaks.

While it is true that Fiverr has a new GIG section. However, those gigs come from everyone including experienced long-term members.

Therefore, it may be a good idea for Fiverr to have a section on just the gigs from the newbies. Maybe a newbie can be defined as:

  1. Someone who has been on Fiverr for a short time like a month
  2. Someone who has not yet sold any gigs

    To me, that may make a lot of the new sellers more comfortable with Fiverr.



Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: I am assuming this is for the math comment? Thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter: Why, thank you. blush


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks Madmoo. I agree with you about the potential buyers. As you said the ones with the talent will stand out.

madmoo said: If you have talent and passion for what you do, then you'll do well.


Hi, I am a newbie too.

I thought like that too but now that I’ve realized that TRS have earned their position, it inspires me to work hard and become like them.

Most of the people want to earn without doing any hardwork, I always see newbies selling computer games, torrents, copyrighted stuff, etc etc.

First of all that’s against ToS, second it’s readily available on google.

I am not making any comments here but rather stating my opinion.

If they think they are offering something unique, they need to promote it.

If they are actually offering something unique, fiverr will automatically put them on their homepage (it’s always happening with newbies, I keep seeing it happen).

Also, once upon a time everyone was a newbie and they earned their way up without any such help from fiverr (like a new section)

so I think the new newbies can also do it!

My 1.3 cents

princemaxx said: My 1.3 cents

What happened to your other .7 cents?


Reply to @hotwebideas: Since time = money.

I earned 72 dollars in 30 days.

30 days = 720 hours

72 / 720 = 0.1 dollar per hour

Since I spent 4 minutes writing that.

(0.1/60)*4 = 0.0066 rounding off to 3 SF I get 0.007.

There are my other 0.7 cents :slight_smile:


Reply to @princemaxx: I hope one of your Fiverr gigs are giving math lessons to Fiverr sellers, because you lost me already :wink:


Reply to @hotwebideas: Nah, there is still a lot for me to learn.


:slight_smile: Prince, :slight_smile: You’re funny


hahah prince that was a good one


Reply to @princemaxx: It’s all about the talent!


Maybe a neat looking “new” tage next to the gig? Similar to the one when you get a new order.

alexgreene said: Maybe a neat looking "new" tage next to the gig? Similar to the one when you get a new order.

That would be an awesome feature, but for right now, the Featured suits me fine.


Reply to @sarit11: That happened with my website analysis gig. They featured my gig on the home page and I received 7 orders that day. Sick, but I love it!


In my opinion, 5er should remove old or inactive gigs from their listing, thus giving the buyers a shorter list of gigs to search from.

But yes, it is difficult for a new seller to rise up and reach the 1st page on search results and it does require a hard work and a long waiting period.

Question is , what can be done about it ? I have noticed 5er does randomly post new gigs on the first page for a short period of time, as if saying “heres your chance in proving yourself” if the gig is good it will catch momentum and move on.