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Curiosity on rules and regulations

Hellow everyone,It’s my 19th day as a seller on fiverr.Someone told me that we can’t log in to the same fiverr account from differents devices.So is it okey to Login to tha same fiverr account from my both mobile phones??

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Yes it is. I’m logged in in my all 6 devices.

You can not have 2 accounts but you surely can use your only account from different devices. Why wouldn’t you?


Nonsense. You can log in from as many devices as you like, just make sure that nobody else is logging into their account from those devices.


You can login on another device…just as answered
But when you intend to create another account, its either you format your device or get an entirely new device.

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@mariashtelle1 @andrea_pascal @catwriter Thank youu!!!

It’s not allowed to have more than one account.


That’s right…
My advice was in cases of terminated accounts or the likes
you’ll need a new device to start off fresh

You’ll need the permission from Customer Support to create a new account if your old one was terminated. If you have their permission, using your old device shouldn’t be a problem, because they already know it’s you and that you’re allowed to do it. If you don’t have their permission, the device you’re using isn’t going to matter, the new account will get banned.