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Curious about a Tips Gig


I’m curious to know because I’ve seen a few sellers doing it, why would some sellers create a Gig specially for tips? I mean, if the buyer already has the option to leave a tip when completing the order, why do you need to create a Gig for it? Is it better?


I didn’t have one before, but I’ve used it when somebody’s asked me to do something which didn’t fall within one of my gigs, and I was happy for them to pay me what they wanted, rather than me asking.

Also good for genuine tips - I put my tips into treats for my cat and dog - they love my tips! :cat2: :dog2:


Oh I see @offlinehelpers , some buyers have asked me to do some things that don’t fall within my gigs and I’ve just created a custom order with one of the gigs I already have, but that’s good to know you use it for it, I might consider to make one but when I reach the level two badge. Thank you for commenting!

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No problem! I have had some users be very kind and just send me tips as well - I really do appreciate them, and so do Archie and Beauty!

Good luck! :sunny:


I bet they do! Thank you!:purple_heart:

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I remember back in the days there was no tip option, so maybe they’ve just left the gig there since then? I had one because several of my buyers requested a way to leave tips back in 2013-2014. But I have since deleted it because fiverr added that option

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I didn’t notice they were old gigs, but that might be a reason for some sellers :ok_hand:t5:

Thank you for this post. I didn’t have any idea that such things really exist. After reading this post I did a quick search and found some gigs about tips. Learning so many things every day.

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Great, it’s good to learn new things every day!