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Curious about Feedback (if there's a character/word limit on feedback)

I was just wondering if there’s a character/word limit on feedback. I know sellers protest a lot about receiving negatives, but surely they can respond in some detail, right?

The customer isn’t always right, but the trick is to make them think they are without setting oneself up for abuse. Oh, glorious Fiverr! Ugh. :slight_smile:

There is a limit, but I have no idea what the limit is. it is highly annoying because you can’t respond in detail to any negative feedback. I received one recently which did not exactly tell the whole story of that feedback. In fact, it was a flat-out lie. I did not have enough characters there to respond so I could not say everything I wanted. The limit is quite low.

To many it leaves the premises Buyers for fraud

That is, you leave negative feedback just to get a refund from you

I guess it’s a fine line between explaining your side of the story and not putting off future buyers by looking hard to deal with or angry.

Whenever you communicate on Fiverr, including leaving and responding to feedback, you can see the number of characters you’re allowed to use in a notation under the box. For most messages, its 1200 characters. For feedback, it’s much less, about 200, I think. And yes, sometimes buyers use negative feedback in an effort to coerce a seller into giving more work or a refund, and yes, future buyers will look at your responses to negative feedback. If you sound like you’re making excuses, or blaming the buyer, then it can cause the buyer to look elsewhere to spend money.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Just filled in a feedback box to see how far it would let me go. 300 characters is the magic number.

Good to know @traxie2001 - if I should have to get explanatory I’ll know how much to edit out. :slight_smile: