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Curious about Search result

Hi all, I notice that my gig is not listed at the top of the search results but it was listed at the “More results” at the bottom area. So, I am curious how Fiverr list our gig.

I do also check the tag, description and title details of other’s seller gig but I really can’t figure it out. How do my gig listed at the top section of search results? Thank you.

That’s the reason that I’m curious on this as my gig is not popular search phase like “banner design”.

For example, I have a gig called “email signature” and I search exactly the same phase, the top section search results show only 14 gigs and all other’s listed as “More results” at the bottom. There is plenty of space for more gigs for top section. Hope Fiverr will look into this issue.

Did you find answer ?

That is not entirely true. They are not just shuffled. They do have an algorithm, but we can filter search results in various ways.