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Curious, did your sales increase as a top rated seller?


Just out of curiosity, when you became a top rated seller, did your sales increase? Or were you already doing a lot of social media work to expand your gigs?




Actually they decreased but that is due to more competition.


I’m curious about this as well as I’m going to be eligible in January. I know many sellers complain about a drop in sales when they go from Level 1 to Level 2, but I don’t recall that at all. I think it really depends on the category, work quality, salesmanship, etc.

Fiverr is always fluctuating.


Sadly being eligible is not enough. Great many of sellers have been eligible for years, but have stayed level 2. It’s a manual process after all.


With the new system they have implemented (starting in January) they have made the criteria much more straightforward so now, at the very least, sellers know if they are candidates.


You know if you are a candidate for top rated seller without being told.


I totally agree with you!


The new system shows Level 2 sellers whether or not they are eligible for consideration on the Analytics page.


Ah, Syd, I remember when you were brand new. I favourited your gig and sent buyers there whenever they demanded I do free proofreading for them.

Goodness knows if any ended up hiring you.

Now you’re going to be a TSR. You’ve come a long way!


Wow, thank you! I never would have known. :smile: