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Curious! GIG fall!

curious mind want to know what thing fall my gig? once i have 4 to 5 order in a week, but now last 2 week no order in that gig!!! i just want to know what was the reason? and most importantly what will be my duty for returning back to previous position?
thanks in advance.

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Assuming that you’re talking about the WordPress gig you have with reviews on it?

If so, the most recent review was a week ago, and was a 1-star for a cancelled order due to late delivery. So you’ve had a cancellation and a 1-star review all in one hit, on a gig that doesn’t have that many reviews.

This is most likely why you’re now not getting traffic. You’ll probably find that traffic does begin to come back to your gig, but you could of course use Buyer Requests in the meantime to try and proactively bring some orders in.

And of course, in the future, never let an order be late, certainly not to the point where the buyer is forced to cancel.


I’m also facing the same problem for the last 2 months :frowning: … please help how can we overcome
note: I’m a graphic designer

okey thank you so much for this valuable advice. i will follow it certainly.

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