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Curious mind wants to know!

Hello smart people!!
I’m new in the scene, couple of weeks old. I’ve just achieved my Level 1 badge (congratulate me:laughing:). When I log in on fiverr I see some gig thumbnails on my homepage displaying with a banner/badge “FEATURED”. My curious mind wants to know who gets this banner/badge and how. Can anybody help me with some info?

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Welcome and congratulations on your achievement.

The featured badge seems to be an automated process that Fiverrs bot decides who gets it.

Best of luck.


congratulation :slight_smile: you are lucky cause fiverr featured your gigs :slight_smile:

Thanks thecreativeguys for the info.

Not yet. I just want to know how i can get featured.

oh sorry for my mistake, you can’t featured your gigs by ownself. This feature handle by Fiverr Bot.

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Welcome to the forum. Your question has already been answered so I just want to congratulate you on reaching level 1. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:

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Thanx lloydsolutions!! My best wishes to you too.

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Congrats on your achievement :open_hands:

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Thanx jeanvictor. My best wishes to you.

Congrats on your achievement :innocent:

Thanx sadia. best wishes to you.