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Currency converter for custom offers is needed!


Ok I’m deleting this because I decided I will just start talking to buyers in Dollars. But I still think this is a flaw that should be fixed.


It’s not really a problem. I’ve only had one buyer from a different country from mine ask why his amount was different from what I had quoted him.


This is what I always do (irrespective of where the buyer is from).


Hi there,

I work across different currencies all the time and find this approach helpful:

  • Tell your potential client up front that you will discuss terms in one currency (in this case you’ve chosen dollars which I think is a good idea).

  • Link them to so they have a little understanding of the current exchange rate.

  • Then simply say that any change from that would be down the to the transaction itself, banks, time of processing etc.

  • The client usually feels at ease when calculating their cost and they are happy to look into the exchange rate themselves allowing you to accurately communicate with them throughout.

Just a suggestion but hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestions! :slight_smile:


Yeah it makes sense…


Let them simply purchase your gig and be surprised. That’s the smart thing to do. No reason to bring it up at all to them. Why dwell on the price or currency with them? It’s simply not an issue I’ve ever encountered at all except for one time when a client was at first confused and I told him it was the difference in the value of a dollar so he was ok with that.


I run into problems with this ALL THE TIME! Especially because 90% of my clients are Australian.

Also, I had a friend recently tell me they were really frustrated with fiverr as they recently bought a gig and thought they were being ripped off because they were shown different prices at three different points (all related to the way the currency exchange works)

I now just do the quote and say the amount in USD ie $75USD to try and be transparent and explain that the AUD price they see is an estimated converted amount if they ask.

Its weird for me to have to work the quote out in USD in the custom offer - then it displays in AUD when the client sees it (if they have their system set to AUD). I have no way of giving them the AUD price, as its a mystery to me, up until the point AFTER I send them the custom offer.

I disagree. I would love for my clients to be surprised, but generally, business purchasers don’t like surprises and usually it’s not the difference of a dollar or two, it can be quite significant, especially with larger orders. If I say something will be $100 and they go to place the order and it turns into $145 they will get either cranky (and question it) or possibly think I’m ripping them off and just not order at all (and never come back to me). I’ve never had a single customer being happy or not really care about finding out something will cost more than they expected.


I had to calculate my offer in approximate GBP for one of my UK buyer.

I think USD is the ideal globally, and it is best for me.
But I think if it could be developed better to choose options in farther future at least for another major “Dollars” alike Australian, Canadian etc.

There are types of Dollars, maybe 20+


I’ve just had it happen one time but he didn’t care that much, maybe because the country was our neighboring country and there wasn’t much difference. For some reason my clients don’t mention it at all.


Totally. Like any marketplace, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to know what currency they’re purchasing in and budget that to the conversion rate of their currency.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: Hope all goes well.