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Currency Exchange from EURO to USD

I am a video editor on fiverr and I have a client from which i need payment and send video. We decided $25 per video but due to the service fees, we got it settled for $20 and $25 per video which makes $50 for him (including service fees). The main problem starts when he got to my $20 gig, it shows 17.54 Euros for it and when we convert 17.54 euro into usd, then it becomes $21 or more. How can this be possible if I made a gig of $20 then why fiverr is showing 17.54 Euro instead of 16.71 Euros?
Please Help Me Out.

Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Exchange rates (and fees) are difficult to deal with, but that’s why you need to take the differences into account when setting your prices and making your custom offers in the first place. A margin for error (and for rounding).

Concerning your current buyer, someone is going to have to absorb the difference, either you or them. If you think they’re willing to pay that tad more, then repeat that the price was agreed in USD and say something along the lines of ‘I’m sorry, I have no control over the exchange rates.’ If you’re willing to take the loss yourself, then just make a new offer for $19 (if that covers the difference).

Not sure what else I can suggest.


Why can’t Fiverr staff help me by adjusting the exchange bug, because the price showing wrong. According to the price there, My gig is of $21 and not $20. Uh, Isn’t there any other way which can benefit us both?

The issue, from what I can see, is that you’re using a service other than Fiverr to convert €17.54 into $. For example, if I look on Google, a $20 gig SHOULD cost €16, if you go by Google’s conversion rate.

But this means nothing, as you’re using Fiverr’s platform. This isn’t a bug - Fiverr use their own currency conversion rate, NOT the same rate used by Google or major banks. Is this a good thing? Not really, especially when you’re converting USD to GBP to withdraw like we do. But it’s Fiverr’s platform, and they’re allowed to do as they please. If you want to use their service, and sell to a European buyer, you have no choice but to go with it.

As has already been mentioned, either you or the buyer need to absorb the cost. And honestly, I would suggest that this is something that the buyer needs to deal with, not you.