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Currency got changed


I noticed that my currency for withdrawable balance at the top was changed to my local currency. Yet, everything else on the earnings page is still in USD. Even the withdrawals. Is this intentional? :see_no_evil:

So there’s essentially 2 currencies now, which I find odd.


Did you see a pop-up message you telling you it had been changed?

Same thing happened to me yesterday, I’ve changed it back to $.


I’ve been seeing the extras people buy on my orders listed in Canadian dollars and also in pounds.


Hmm. Nope, I don’t believe so! And support mentioned that there’s no way to change it back to USD. How did you manage to do so?


There’s a currency dropdown on the bottom right hand side of each Fiverr page where you can change it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not even if you scroll all the way down to the drop down menu?

My currency constantly changes between AUD and US dollars. I have to change it all the time.


Awesome! That was well hidden, lol. Thanks :grin: