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Currency in Fiverr

Hello everyone! I wanna ask a question

So I live in Turkey (currency is turkish lira)
If someone buys something from me with dollar can I use that money in turkish lira? I mean can I transfer it to my card in turkish lira?


I live in Brazil, and here the currency is the Real. So, when I transfer my earnings to Paypal, it automatically does the conversion before sending the money to my bank account.


Hmm I see paypal is not avaible in Turkey but thanks for the information. I wonder If there is any alternatives than that.

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Hello there,

You can simply withdraw your balance through Payoneer service directly to your bank account. (When you click the “Bank Transfer”, you will receive your money in Turkish liras). They charge a very small commission and sometimes the dollar rate is lower than the current rate. But this is the best alternative!

All the best!

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@brodomain Thanks for the help! Have you ever tried this with ininal card?

Not actually. I have been using only Payoneer service for many years, and I have had no problems so far. :+1:

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Oh I see thanks for the help again :+1:

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