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Currency now in $, € & £ in the Dashboard

Well exactly this is what is see in my Dashboard. Not just $ as till now, also € & £ are shown. And “some” exchange rate from Dollar sales to Euro revenues is automatically calculated by Fiverr?

Anybody else know something more about this new “feature”?


I haven’t seen that. I was under the impression that you earn in dollars, then you withdraw your money to PayPal and they deposit that in dollars into your account. Ask customer service.

I guess when you changed the language of the site at that time the currency also changes automatically.

If you choose English U.K. then the currency will be changed from $.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, thats the way it works or worked…

But it would be interesting to know if the shown Exchange rate is some kind of “science fiction” or at the end we will be able to withdrawal from Euro to Euro for example without the need to go for the “sensational” Paypal exchange rate… As I made my last withdrawal exactly one day before I discovered the $, € & £ thing, I will see what happens the upcoming week with my traditional “last week of the month” withdrawal… :slight_smile:

Yes, I do have a £ currency, and I’m very happy with this feature. When you are from the UK, the website auto-detect it and open, instead of the regular

Denis Saidov

I wonder if Mexicans are seeing 5 pesos instead of 5 dollars? The $5 is an issue, because it’s not going to have the same value in every country. I know that Venezuelans love Fiverr because they can earn in dollars, a big deal in a country suffering from hyperinflation. However, if Venezuelans were told they’re now going to earn in Bolivares, they’d be pissed off and rightly so. For now, the dollar is the international currency, maybe that will change someday, but I think everyone should be able to earn in dollars if they want to.

Absolutely! All depends from the point of view :slight_smile:

For me as a “Euro-Guy”, living in Germany it is definetly an issue if the money moves inside Paypal € to € or $ to €.

This would be approximate 10 % more income, if the whole process will begin and end in € :slight_smile:


but: One thing is, what is shown in your dashboard (maybe Fiction as I already mentioned), the other thing is how the money ends on your Paypal / Bank / Whatever account :slight_smile: € to €, € to $, $ to £, Mexican peso, Irish pub, gold coins whatever and what % the money is losing value on its way to you :slight_smile:

I just don’t hope the is a step of paving the way of Fiverr determining a mid-market exchange fee but instead the currency display being merely a psychological factor of creating value awareness