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Currency problem in custom offer


I am creating a custom offer which has to be in but the customer receives the offer and sees the same amount in New Israeli Shekel, e.g. instead of 20 he sees 20 Shekels (which is about 1/4 of the amount!)

I can’t manage to get the custom offer panel to operate in dollars, although last time I gave an offer it did work in dollars. What should I do? it’s urgent, please, thanks.


Is your customer in Israel? What the customer sees depends on what country he is in. It will for example take what you see in shekels and change it to the equivalent amount in his appropriate type of money.


thanks for the quick reply! yes he is in Israel. But if I put 30 $ and he sees 30 NIS then something isn’t right, I think.


I think that’s right. I’m not sure why it would have the $ sign but he sees shekels as that is his type of money as well as yours.

You could probably get a better explanation from customer support, but this site is very good at figuring out the right amount.

If the shekels are not enough for you, you can always increase your prices.

I had a customer in Canada ask why he was seeing an amount that was a lot more than what I entered, and I explained that even though we have dollars in both his and my countries, his dollars were worth less than our US dollars, so the site changed his amount and increased it to make up the difference.


so do you think I should place the offer in Shekels in the first place?
thing is, my “custom offer” panel has a dollar sign next in the tiny “sum” pane. So it seems to take the amount in dollars. Then in the “chat” area with the customer it does show the amount in Shekel (which seems about right to me), but what the customr sees is still only a quarter of that amount in shekels. I am perplexed how to solve this.


I was looking for where on this site we can choose our preferred money type. I couldn’t find it. I’m not sure it’s still in existence but we used to be able to choose what kind of money we want to work with. Hopefully someone else can come along who knows about this more than I do.


thanks, I was looking for the same thing but couldn’t find it. Thanks a lot for your help, good night! :slight_smile:


You can switch the currency you want to see on the bottom of the page, there’s a drop-down menu but you can’t use any other currency to send an offer, so, to not get confused myself, I always leave it set to USD.
Not long ago, I suddenly got a notification that told me something like “Since we have determined that you are in Europe, we set your currency to €” but I reset it to USD, it’s irritating else.


Do your earnings also show in US dollars?


thanks Millia, even if I put the offer in us$, the customer gets them in another currency but not converted, they see 20 shekel instead of 20$ (same number, wrong currency) so it’s really a problem!


yes, they show in US$ so far.


If you are certain that your customer is seeing it as 20 shekels when they receive a custom offer that’s worth $20, I would suggest that you find out what $20 equals in shekels and quote that amount in dollars in your custom offer. :wink:


This site converts dollars into the equivalent value in other currencies. She should be able to use her own currency and the site does the rest. She has a client and if the puts in 20 shekels, her own currency, it will convert to whatever it should be in the other currencies.

In her case since she is in Israel and her client is also in Israel, she is putting in $20 and he is seeing 20 shekles but if she uses the correct currency for herself, shekels, he will see the same amount.

It might be the site gets confused if you use the incorrect currency for the country you are in.

Do people in other countries than US see the prices of gigs in the currency of their own countries or in dollars?


Yes, you’re right. It should! However, if you read the OP’s previous posts, you would understand that this doesn’t seem to be happening for the op and her Customer.

That’s the reason why I said what I said in my previous post.


Then it must be a bug that is affecting her. She should ask customer support.

She can send me a custom offer if she likes in her own currency, shekels and I will tell her what it shows for me.


I have never had this problem happen to me yet. I always quote my price in USD – irrespective of where the customer is from. And I have always had the correct amount (in USD) reflect in my earnings.

It’s probably a bug. Yeah.


thanks, in my last order it really did show in USD and there was no problem on either side, it’s very annoying this time but we’ll get over it…

Can I ask something else related to this - do you all enter your fee INCLUDING the Fiverr fee, (i.e. give the global sum from which their fee is going to be deducted), or do you put the offer for your desired sum and Fiverr adds their own fee on top of it?
Because in my first oder I did the first, i.e. gave the customer the total sum, and Fiverr deducts from it. But now the customer says that I should put in my custom offer the amount we agreed on, and that Fiverr will add their fee themselves. I don’t think this is so, and am afraid it will mean that I get 2/3 of what I’m due if I do that. any advice?


The problem with using one’s own currency is that it does not show that chosen currency all over the page then but still will show USD in some places, that’s why I keep my currency to USD, and always “talk in USD” with buyers, nevermind from where they are, it’s less confusing then.

Fiverr adds the buyer fee, you need to work the 20% seller fee into your own gig prices/the amount you ask for custom offers, so if you would like, for example, $10 for a job, you need to quote $10+20% = $12 to your customer. She’ll then see $12+$2 (Fiverr buyer fee) = $14 on your offer on her side.

If you agree with a customer on $10, they’ll see that as the end price from your side and only expect the buyer fee added on top of that by Fiverr but not the 20% that you pay to Fiverr (some buyers even aren’t aware of that), so you should make sure to quote your prices as including your 20% fee loss already, else you’ll get issues with buyers.

In this Buyer Help Center article, you can see that it tells buyers about the buyer fee only, so that’s what they expect. It’s good to read in the Buyer Help Center too, not just the one for sellers, so you have a better idea how it looks like from your buyers’ side.

It’s possible though that not all sellers enter their fee including the 20% Fiverr fee but I think the big majority do. If you don’t, it will lead to issues, see this thread, buyers will think you’re overcharging them, I’d avoid that by including the 20%, it’s your fee/cost of doing business on Fiverr, not the buyer’s, after all.


Omg so this is an added problem, I had no idea that ultimately, the customer pays in effect 40 percent over and above what I would normally charge, this is really a lot, don’t you think ? and may put buyers off. It is quite distressing. I did do what you said in previous job so I expected the fee, but here we spoke of the net sum and agreed on it, both believing that she will only add twenty percent on it, not 40.


No, not at all, why would the customer pay, or think they pay, 40% over?
They pay your price - which you set, and of course you have to include your costs which are the 20% Fiverr takes from you in this case.
See it like this - if you sell something/somewhere else, online or offline, it’s the same, you need to set your prices so that they cover your own costs plus some profit.
If you own a website and sell from there instead of from Fiverr, you need to calculate the costs to run that website plus marketing, etc., into your prices. If you pay rent for your brick-and-mortar store, of course you need to calculate the rent, the utilities, the trade tax, whatever you need to pay yourself to be able to sell, plus make a profit.
Your buyers in most cases are business people themselves, they understand that it costs money to earn money and that you need to make your prices so that you not just cover your own costs but earn something so you can live as well.

You set your price, your buyer agrees, and then they expect to pay that agreed-on price, plus Fiverr’s buyer fee, that’s it. How much you take, or how long you need to fulfill your orders, all that is completely your own business. You don’t have to justify yourself for the price you take, just as your buyers don’t have to justify themselves for whatever they take for whatever they do with your delivery.
It’s just business.
If you can find customers for the price you need to take, all is fine, if not, you might have to lower your costs or add something that has more value to your customers so they won’t mind the price, or advertise more to find the right kind of buyer who will value your work enough to pay the price, etc., but that leads too far. :wink:

Just make your prices as you need them to be and tell your customer the end price from your side, so they’ll see that price, plus Fiverr’s buyer fee on the offer and their bill, and all’s good.
The problem usually is more that a buyer doesn’t like to see an additional “surprise item” on the offer, like an added 20% seller fee where they only expected 5% buyer fee, just keep in mind that you negotiate your end price (including the 20%).

See, when a buyer directly orders your gigs, they only pay what you set your gigs at + 5% buyer fee too. No 20% there anywhere, apart from that they’ll be deducted from your revenue by Fiverr, which means you need to include them in your prices.