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Currency Problem

Hi everyone. So about 3 weeks ago, I got my first order (hooray I know) and that was for $10. Obviously, fiverr gets 20% so then I made $8. My Fiverr currency is GBP because I live in the UK and ever since then, my money has been going down a penny or something. It started as 6.42 then 6.41 then 6.45 then 6.42. Like what is going on?? Please let me know soon! Thanks, Mahiee

Fiverr is based on US$ - that means that as the exchange rate fluctuates so does the amount in your earnings.

I. too, live in the UK. I charge in US$, withdraw to paypal in US$ and from there withdraw to my bank in US$. Amounts stay stable … and I only pay one exchange rate fee - to my bank for exchanging $ to £

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So I should use usd all the way until after paypal?

I do. Whether you do or not is up to you.

Thanks. That really helps

I never even thought of this, and I’ve been losing some money because of the exchange rates changing. -_-