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Current order drought

Has anybody else been experiencing a drought of orders this past week?

I haven’t gotten any besides my weekly project with one buyer.

I’ve also seen a lot of people here talking about this.


My order book is going over. Double shifts every day.

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Well good for you…

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Yeah, I have only received one job this month, I think it has something to do with Fiverr doing some bug fixes, although that is just my speculation.

Yeah I thought I was gonna get more orders as a level one seller but I guess not. Hopefully the update will do something

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Yep, I would suggest you using buyer request since your a level one seller and have more available buyer request then the level 0, so you can maintain your ranking.

Buyer requests are really bad now for some reason. At least the ones I can see. They’re all from a week or two ago, abandoned by their author

Ah, that sucks, I’ve been able to use up my 10 offers for the past couple of days, your problems are probably from your industry.