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Current Payment Bug?

Are there any current bugs about accepting custom offers or paying for them? I have a client today who needs to purchase additional extras for work that I have already supplied, but he is telling me that the “Fiverr payment gateway” is down and that he gets an error every time tries to pay.

Suspect that I’m being taken for a ride, but thought I would double-check and see if anyone else is having issues.

Please don’t advise me to ensure all extras are purchased before I deliver the work - I know that. This is an exceptional case where the buyer wasn’t open about the usage until after I had supplied.


Yes, a buyer told me that also.

Earlier today, I sent custom offers to two potential clients, we already talked and agreed about price and time before sending the offers.

I got a message from one of them that he was experiencing some issues with the payment, I guessed it might be a bug and told him to message support, that they will be able to solve the issue.

I haven’t heard from him or received the order to be sure the issue have been fixed yet.

Customer Support have said that there is no bug at all and that the sellers need to contact them if they’re having problems.

I think please present your all screenshot customer support.

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re asking me. Are you suggesting that I send all my screenshots toCustomer Support are are you asking me to show you screenshots from my communications with Customer Support. Either way, it won’t change that they have said there is no bug.

It’s not a bug, I have gotten an order from the second buyer.


Yes, as above, CS have advised there is no bug…

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Twice this week I have had people place duplicate orders and both times they were trying to add extras to the orders and couldn’t.

I then had to cancel their extra orders that didn’t have the extras.

So it appears there is a bug that doesn’t allow them to add extras.

The CS line is still that there’s no problem. But I’ve just had to cancel a duplicate order that someone ended up making without being able to add extras to the original order. So two cancellations this week, neither of which was my fault. Very frustrating.

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I’ve learned this week that if the buyer requests through the resolution center to cancel the order and puts “ordered by mistake” as the reason, then you won’t have it count against you.

I’m not sure what’s going on with CS.