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Current state of things, Frank's POV


Well to be fair, I initiated that convo with my SM and I shared my concern that things are deteriorating for me at an exponential rate.

To which she replied that other sellers offer less for less, and they seem to be doing fine.

She didn’t suggest that I go from $4k to $500 just to get sales in, she suggested that I stop offering an all-inclusive service for $4k, and try to offer something much less for $2k.

She had several examples of other Pro sellers to show me, and she had a lot of arguments prepared, which led me to believe that she had that same conversation with other Pro sellers, or that it was a new directive?

It doesn’t feel like a squeeze yet, not to me. But I do feel like they launched Pro, and then somehow their big-spending traffic somehow tapered off.


I wonder just how sophisticated the algorithm is. In your case, let’s say the (maybe) bad secret review counts as 1 strike against you. But then, happy end. Does that negate that 1 strike, or does it leave you even with 1 strike for you, because you managed to convince a buyer who wasn’t happy at first?

Recently, I had a repeat buyer return after quite a while. I was 99.99% sure I hadn’t heard from them in between because they went to someone with cheaper prices, that could well mean that while the public review was great, they might well have left a not so good private review for me, because “too expensive”.
Now, Amazon rejected a listing translation they got from whomever they went to, due to grammar/spelling issues, and they asked me to proofread and to do some new translation as well. But since time has passed, she probably left the other seller a great review, maybe also a great private review (because cheap), which could mean I got 2 strikes against me (negative private review I got + buyer going to someone else and leaving them a good private review).

Does the algorithm now take into account that that same buyer came back to order from me again and revoke that strike against me, or does it treat them like a new buyer?
Does the buyer still perhaps leave a negative private review because “expensive”, even though now she knows why it’s more “expensive” (sorry about the obnoxious " " but it’s not expensive, really)?

Who knows. Those private reviews are really a mystery factor.


Thank you for taking the time to reply @cyaxrex

I think I agree with you. My go-to strategy when faced with a slump in sales, is niching down even further.

Maybe a new Pro laser-focused gig is the next logical step.

As soon as I am done updating my portfolio, I will get right on that.


In my case, I think the algorithm would only see one delivery here, and since the buyer didnt left public review, the only thing it sees is that most likely bad review. It is a serious problem.

I see that you have had similar experiences, and there must be many more out there, hapenning just too often. And the worst part, we don’t know anything about them. We don’t even know if they really hapenned :slight_smile: (?!) Its really crazy, really a strange way of doing business and it is getting more and more strange and obscure.

AI or not, profit or not, shares going up or not, leaving everything up to the algorithm to decide, without notifing the seller of what went wrong, it is more than obvious that there will be gaps and mistakes. I hope Fiverr will improve the things in the future.


100% agree with this as one strategy but also…
I would strongly advise not changing everything due to a couple of quiet months - there has been enough happening this year to cause every business to be cautious with spending. However, as the summer goes on, things begin to open up, the current unsettled climate in many western countries will dissipate and businesses will grow in confidence again.
To give some perspective, I have 6 regular US/UK, SEO/Marketing clients (4 on and 2 off fiverr) who have been with me for over a year with 3 being over 2 years, always ordering monthly with an order of between $150-300. They are in vastly different businesses yet each one told me that they have to hold off ordering in March. Two have since come back to restart again with a request for smaller orders to start with, the others are still holding off. Both of these have been to promote the significant changes they have made and the new COVID-related products/services they now offer.

My reaction to this has been to continue to do a couple of things for each in these months, to keep things we have built up going - about an hour/month each - which they have appreciated. If all continues to recover, at the end of this month I will suggest restarting our orders again as before with more targeted work for short term returns.

The takeaway from this for others should be that almost every business has been affected so looking at pricing and reducing how much time and effort you put in to each order (to reduce your cost and price) could be more effective than dramatically changing approach.

In this time where a lot of my regulars are quiet, I have been pushing for projects here and there, taking every inquiry seriously but not compromising quality. My listed price hasn’t changed but those asking for discounts or concerned about price were offered a couple of options:

  • Translation without Proofreading included
  • Splitting projects over a period of time to make them more affordable for the client, rather than a big cost up front
  • Looking at what they really need to do now and holding off on other things
  • Full price with an additional service - free blog post, press release, consultation

Basically being flexible around how things go while always reiterating that this is “at this time”, “in these unusual times” etc. How you word things, the impression you give of yourself and your service, extra communication (low response time for every message, thanks for ordering, I am working on your order now and will complete it by X, etc) have resulted in these going smoothly and the clients having an overall feeling of good service.
This has resulted in several orders that are quite large (mid 3 and low 4 figures) coming in which are still worthwhile in terms of time being spent on them. I also have employed a student who is working with me part time on some things, doing grunt work etc (not direct client work) while also implementing a marketing strategy of mine to directly target reopening businesses as things improve this and next month.

Finally, Fiverr has been pushing and pushing and pushing the platform to businesses for the past few months. I have mostly been dealing with new buyers from Europe and the US who are established businesses. Right now many are being cautious and careful with money but when things improve, they will remember the level of service and quality of delivery and will have every reason to continue with me rather than revert to their old supplier/direct employee. Hopefully.


I honestly don’t understand your obsession to be right, and for people to read your “solution” and congratulate you.

I never said I had any solutions to give nor do I claim to have everything figured out.

I initially gave your snarky remarks the benefit of the doubt-the one saying you couldn’t wait- but now I see you are actively seeking me out to comment on what I do.

And I really don’t see how copying and pasting your now closed thread on this topic is helpful.

P.S. If you wanna “clear the hate” then honestly just stop hating.



Ok, I don’t hate, I just wanna help with my own experience.

@eoinfinnegan, love the creativity.

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I’m sorry, I am not actually like this, it’s just fun:


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So is your contribution to the forum from here on out going to be you pasting that one thread?

There’s a discussion taking place on this thread, feel free to contribute and tell us what you think.


This was incredibly useful. Thank you for taking the time to write it and for including the full scope of your analytics! This is one of the only forum posts I have bookmarked so far. :smile:


My topic was closed, that’s why, I’m sorry. Also, as I said, I completely agree with your topic.

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If it was closed, the smart thing to do is to leave it be, not to keep bringing it up.


It was closed because it reached the reply limit, sorry, ok. I even blurred it.

You came to a new thread, posted your now closed topic and added a prompt for people to reply to your post.

I just flagged it as off-topic so people won’t actually start replying to your old post by hijacking my thread.

No hate, just common sense.


Please share some useful advice. No offense but i didnt found anything useful here. We are aware of these things.

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I personally felt that @insects44 thread had some things that he recommended we can try, in yours i didnt found any solution


Hello, Frank!

It’s always a pleasure reading your POV. When I first joined this forum you are one of the people that I admired and looked up to. You’re business savvy, you keep real every time, you’re humbled and of course, you’re a success on this platform. OK, in other words, you know your stuff, dude! :sunglasses:


Phew! I’m happy you pointed out this fact. :metal:t4: Many Sellers believe PRO and TRS Sellers are the cream of the crop and have magical perks that the rest of us don’t have. I remember when they first introduced PRO, it was PRO :vs: The Rest. Ugh!
You’re one of the few PRO Sellers whom I see active on this forum. I appreciate the fact that you don’t sugarcoat and keep it :100:.

Question: Do you feel Fiverr is pushing cheaper gigs more as opposed to more expensive ones. What are your thoughts on gig pricing?

Last but not least. Eek, there are too many bugs in your thread. I’m afraid of creepy crawlies so I bought some Raid to clear the air. :smiley:

Shhh it's a secret!

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