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Current trend to take care from

In the past 4 days I’ve been receiving offers to cheat the system, such as I will buy 2 of your gigs and leave 5 stars reviews if you buy 1 of mine and do the same, I strongly believe the Fiverr system is there to show people based on your client reviews, the quality of your work and how reliable you are at it. I don’t know what else I can do aside from reporting them to try and make a stop to that.

I would prefer a slow but steady A+ growth than a fast one that cheats the system.

I also received this message once when i was a newbie here…The only question comes to my mind at that time… what’s there benefit doing that?..I don’t know why they sent this message and it is a spam for me…

Everything comes full circle. Those who cheat the system don’t last at all. Building up a review count instead of a reputation does absolutely nothing in the end.

i totally agree with you, we need time and process to make our gigs growing up:)

If those scammers would put as much energy in their gigs as they put into ideas how to betray and cheat, they all would become TRS.
But this seems to be very deeply rooted in their culture.

Just press the Report button when you get such requests.

If you cheat, you’ll never know if you’re good at your gigs. If you get no orders, maybe it’s a bad gig and you’re better off deleting it or rewriting it.

If the first review you get is a bad review, or the first buyer demands a refund, that should give you pause as well.

This is Fiverr, people buy gigs with no reviews everyday. Besides, look at books, a bad book will get bad reviews even if the writer paid other people to write good reviews. So why waste money you don’t have on reviews you don’t need?