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Currently 80% towards level 1 Conman Buyer about to ruin that!

I have had my account for approximately 1 year but did not use it right away. I started here about a week ago after being encouraged by a friend to do so.

I had one fabulous order and she could not have been happier with my work. I then had a further 2 messages asking if I could do something that my gig did not cover and I politely thanked them for considering me but that I was unable to cover their request. I was thanked for my quick response.

My most recent request came on Friday, when I was asked if I was willing to write an article, based on an essay. I’d only have 1-2 hours to write.

I was provided with a sample and understood what I had to do. I was told I would have to be online and wait for him to provide me with the actual article that he wanted me to provide an essay/article on.

I explained this would need to be paid for at the rate of 1 gig for up to 400 words and then extra gigs per 400 words. The guy ordered 3 gigs and I made sure I was at home and had to check every few minutes to see if he had sent me the article.

It was late when it arrived but I didn’t mind. I wrote the Summary and sent it him to see if he was happy for me to proceed. That is when he actually stated that it was too good and that he would never memorize it. I then realized I was covering an exam of some sort. My gig is not for homework or academic papers.

The buyer started getting antsy and sending messages asking if it was nearly done, I’d only had half an hour. Because he had ordered 3 gigs, I said I would send it him in 400 word parts at a time, he said “great”.

Then he changed his tone, messaged that he only had 15 minutes and I needed to hurry. He wasn’t happy with how long my summary was and that he couldn’t see 3 points of agreement or disagreement with the article. I showed him and changed them to bullet points.

He then told me to shorten my summary and lengthen my points, which I did. All of a sudden he told me he did not have time for me to modify.

He is in the US and I am in the UK. I waited a couple of hours and heard nothing but awoke to a request for mutual cancellation, even though he has 3 versions of the article he ordered.

I agreed to cancel one order as the gig was not long enough to require the 3rd gig but he wants me to cancel all of them or he’ll leave negative feedback.

Because of this my cancellation rate is already at 25% and he will kill my rating with negative feedback because he is the buyer of 2/3 gigs.

I won’t bend this much for future buyers, he made me jump through so many hoops and I should have seen it coming. Lesson learned but oh man am I annoyed at what this will do to my rating. He has basically stopped me from getting my potential level one.

After reading a few threads, sounds like I am not alone either.

Thanks for reading,


Hello Emma,

No, you are not alone. There must be something about second buyers. About 8 months ago, when I was new on Fiverr, I had a similar experience with someone who ordered something that I do not provide, and secondly, I thought it to be illegal. I contacted CS and asked them to cancel, which left me with a huge cancellation ratio at the time.

However, I was able to work my way back after that, and I have been a level 2 seller for months now.

Since then, I have not had many cancellations, and currently my cancellation ratio is steady at 4%.

Do not allow these kinds of situations get you down!

Good luck!

Thank you for that support belgianwriter.

It is nerve wracking enough starting to write for other people with out people gaming you.

I have chalked it up to experience and will be trying to make sure it does not happen again. I am so gutted right now about my statistics but I’ve been reading through and it looks like because I supplied what I offer in my gig, I may be able to get CS to remove any bad comments.

My husband is more furious than myself as I rushed around to get in the house for 5 pm and sat waiting for over 2 hours on this guy’s say so. I’ll be being stricter with that from now on.

Thank you for the luck, I feel I need it.


Hey Emma good to others from the UK around these parts can’t be sure but you look familiar you’re not from around my neck of the woods are you (Chesterfield) ?.

Sadly there are bad buyers out there, sorry you had to encounter one of them. If you do think you have been unfairly treated by a buyer I would urge you to just drop a ticket to customer support on just to see if they can do anything for you.

Till next time


Emma, If this buyer ends up leaving negative feedback, you must contact customer support & file a ticket. Be sure to get screenshots of his messages, all of them, but most importantly the one where he threatened to leave bad feedback if you didn’t cancel all the orders. Don’t let this jerk get away with extortion! He is being an ass and should not be allowed to bully you, too. CS often will hem and haw and some of them will tell you they can’t remove the negative remark, but don’t stand down. Most of the time when it’s a clear case of Bad Buyer Blues, they’ll help you out.

Good luck~

Reply to @ozzieuk: Sheffield area so possibly. Nice to meet you.

I sent CS an email the the tab on here. I feel the constant inbox communication whilst the guy was happy will prove I did my job properly.

Thank you for taking the time to message you and see you around.


Reply to @celticmoon:

Thank you for your support and the heads up, Celticmoon. No chance am I letting this guy get away with it. I’ll work my way out of the negative feedback if CS won’t remove it but I won’t let this guy cheat me after the dedication I showed.



Reply to @cariad: Best of luck! ;-))

Spitting feathers right now. Because I am not a level one yet, the guy ordered 3 gigs, one I mutually cancelled but not the other 2. He came back today and left neg feedback on the second, so the positive feedback I received yesterday from a gig, just got cancelled out again.

Customer support won’t do anything against him but won’t cancel my payment either.

The cheek of the man said I posted very late and that I posted the wrong article over 2 days after also.

How does he work that one out when I posted THIS thread on the 27th and the order was on the 26th and my gigs are 5 days ( now 7), regardless of his demands for 2 hours, which I delivered on!

Yikes! What a nightmare. While the vast majority of buyers I’ve worked with have been great and super nice, there are always the random headaches that really get me frustrated. Based on my experience, though, while I always strive to make buyers happy and provide good customer service, sometimes a buyer is just more trouble than they’re worth in terms of the $4 I’ll receive for jumping through hoops for them.

My advice would be to learn to spot and react appropriately to red flags. If a buyer requested that I perform a job within 2 hours and required that I check every few minutes for their updates, I would definitely see that situation as a field of red flags and likely suggest that it would be best for them to contact another seller. (And you never know – your next buyer may just make up for any income you may have potentially lost by not working with a particular user.)

If it feels like a minefield, it may actually be a minefield. If I get a message from a potential buyer that prompts me to ask, “Could this guy cost me $50 worth of work and aggravation for $4 in income?” I likely already have my answer.

Knowing that you’re a new seller, I totally understand that you want to go above and beyond to build your client base and reputation. In fact, going above and beyond is great even when you’re an experienced seller. However, regardless of how experienced you are, there’s never anything wrong with putting on the brakes when you sense that something’s not right. In many cases, you’ll likely be glad you did (especially considering the mess this guy has created for you).

I see the buyer has left you two inappropriate reviews. I’d definitely contact customer support and explain the situation, and as stated in your reply to the buyer, his reviews teeter on being libellous.

As ozzieuk said, it certainly is nice to see more people from the UK. Personally, I’m from Manchester. I previously worked with a buyer who lived a 3/4 minute drive away from me, it’s such a small world. :slight_smile:

What a little butthole. People like that don’t deserve to be on Fiverr. Wish customer support would do something about it, and especially the unjustful feedbacks he has left.

If they will not remove the feedbacks, I’ll be sure to help a fellow seller out and try your gigs out, and I always leave nothing but magnificient feedback. :slight_smile:

If I don’t remember to check your updates on this thread, be sure to toss me a message if things don’t get better.

Seems there must be an advertisement somewhere in “Scammer’s World” magazine telling everyone Fiverr is ripe for the pickings. Happens entirely too much lately. Something needs to be done.

Reply to @blackfolder1: I actually have seen forum threads on SEO and marketing boards (like warrior) and the like that tell people how to get work for free on fiverr, through using the cancellation process or extorting extra work out of sellers with threats of bad reviews, or actually leaving bad reviews, but saying they’ll remove them if they get work for free. Pretty messed up stuff.

Like some other people have posted above, trust your gut! If a buyer seems like they’re going to cause you more pain and frustration than their $4 (or however much) is worth, don’t be afraid to cut them off, even as a new seller.

My advice would be to cut your losses and delete that gig and setup a new one the feedback will dissapear from it. Having that feedback there on a new account might prevent future orders, the feedback will still be on your account but it’s hidden away from view. Just a thought as your gig is still very new.

Reply to @mrproofreading: Thank you for taking the time to read my issue and notice that I have reacted appropriately to this buyer.

Unfortunately, CS have told myself that they will not remove the review but would leave the order as it was but I have checked today and they have refunded him also, so I am just trying to deal with that now. I’m furious!

It is great to see more people from the UK, we need to boost this sort of work, it is hard working in dollars because of the conversion rate.

Reply to @emasonwrites: It’s awful. I’ll be more scrupulous in the future. I’m grateful for the forum here though, you guys have kept me sane. Thank you,


Reply to @nickih: Everything you have said is advice I would give someone else. Strange how we can not take our own advice sometimes.

This is one of those experiences that have well and truly burned my fingers and have made me more cautious.

I’ll be taking the time tomorrow to scrutinize my gigs and also put what I won’t do as well as what I will do.

I appreciate everyone’s support. It is what has kept me here on Fiverr.


Reply to @ozzieuk: I have 3 great reviews on this gig that are making me hesitant to delete. I’d lose that feedback and would I not also lose the pay from that gig if I deleted?

Reply to @adsensewizard: I’ve just replied to CS as even though I was promised by “jenny” that whilst they couldn’t remove feedback, they would not cancel the gig either because I had supplied the buyer with the work, I’ve just noticed they credited him back 2 days ago.

I appreciate your support, thank you.