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Currently being played by buyer and found a bug in Fiverr's order page

I can’t even bother to write in detail the issues and millions of changes the buyer is asking for $5. I’ve been very very polite till now. But I cant take it anymore. I Issued a cancellation request.

On top of that, I found a bug in the order page. Cancellation requests issued by me (Srikaanth) are shown as cancellation requests issued by the buyer. Please see the attached screenshot. Also read the cancellation message, It clearly shows that I wrote the message, not the buyer.


A major bug like this from Fiverr made me go WTF??

That’s strange. Report it to customer support; there’s nothing we can do here on the forum to help.

It shows that you aborted the cancellation. Maybe hit the wrong key or something. Then the buyer canceled. That is what it looks like to me. Don’t let buyers that have unrealistic expectations get to you. Cancellations are necessary sometimes. Keep your head up!

Reply to @alliemadison12: Yes, I did. Just like the customer support of many major companies, no reply. :frowning:

Seems like Fiverr doesn’t even care.

Reply to @mary1979: I aborted the cancellation on purpose after noticing the bug. I wanted to abort and issue a new cancellation request to fix the error. Again the same bug appeared. Now I’ve left it at just that until it is fixed.

This bug does exist. I experienced the same once. Removed some details from the screenshot to make sure its anonymous enough for the forums :slight_smile:

Reply to @presseditor: When did you experience this?

Edit: Saw the date in the screenshot.

I’m surprised Fiverr hasn’t rectified it. It’s been over 23 days!!

Update: I just used the Fiverr app and everything is alright over there. I think the bug is present only in the site.