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Curse of the New Gig - I Just Don't Get It

I am furious. Actually, I’m a mix of furious and bewildered.

I set up a gig writing cannabis/marijuana-themed content late last year. It has had a few orders. All clients so far have been thrilled with my work. However, none have left a review. At least, not until just now.

The client was far from an ideal client. They placed a bulk order on my package for 1-article delivered in 1-day, They didn’t give me a link or any background to their business, and neither did they respond to an immediate request for more information or a request to extend the delivery time on their order. They literally just said, "write something for our blog."

Now, I have had a ton of late orders this month, all because (funnily enough) of people ordering in bulk without contacting me in advance. In this case, I just pulled an all-nighter to get this order delivered on time.

Of course, prior to starting work, I also had to do quite a bit investigating, the results of which let me assume that the buyer is the owner of a California medical marijuana dispensary.

With this order, I decided that if the buyer let a review, I was going to leave them a scathing review raging about how you would literally have to be high to think it reasonable to order and not provide basic key details about your business. However, I then get a notification that the buyer has left a nice juicy $20 tip.

In this case, I left a 5-star review. After all, my buyer must have done the same if they were leaving a tip.

Sadly, what I got was a 4.7 star review. - And I’m furious about this. Having just 1 x review and it being less than 5-stars kills a gig. I know, because this is the third time I have created a new gig and attracted buyers who seem incapable of leaving a 5-star review.

My pet article writing gig was killed by a 4-star review from a buyer who got a ton of extra free work. (Because I really wanted a nice 5-star review.)

My travel writing gig was similarly killed by a buyer who complained that I had written about things to do for children in a family holiday resort. (Apparently, when the buyer said ‘family holiday’ they didn’t mean holidays for families with children.) And my Flippa description writing gig is probably dead because I had to cancel the only order I’ve ever received because the order instructions were literally "u there?"

It seems like every time I create a new gig, it is doomed to attract a picky, usually very difficult to work with buyer determined to ruin it.

The only upside is that I can always delete these gigs and make new ones.


I think that’s a good review, and you have nothing to worry about. As with many reviewers he wouldn’t recommend it to a friend probably because he does not have a friend who needs that.

Your response could thank him and say something like you are so glad he liked it and and thank him for the generous tip.


I remember that one… It was insane.

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Maybe it’s not so bad for this specific gig, I wouldn’t delete it right away. I’m thinking that a gig with that topic will generally get many people who won’t leave a review because they might be queasy “being linked to that topic through their review” for eternity (or until the big pulse eradicates the internet), so actually a good (text) 4.7 review, together with your reply about being glad that they liked it so much or something might be better than no review.

What category were the 4 stars that dragged the review down to the 4.7? I tried to look but it seems you can’t see the “break-up” as a buyer. Else, there’s nothing bad in the review text, so it’s not a review that would keep too many people from ordering probably. Maybe even the contrary, if they find 5* reviews suspicious.

On new gigs generally, maybe you could try to set them up for worst case scenarios until you have a review or two or three, for example, offer 1 day delivery only per contact/custom order, so you’d reduce the chance of people ordering multiples with 24-hour delivery and you having to do all-nighters. (I really can’t stand the multiple option which we can’t control ourselves. Doesn’t make sense at all. Why isn’t there a drop-down like for revisions?)

PS I’m still seeing the “Was this helpful? Thumbs up/down” question below reviews, so probably that’s where the “Most relevant” reviews that get pinned come from. I think I read many people assume it’s linked to the length of the review (which still probably usually is the case, indirectly, as people would thumb up longer reviews with more content and info but would rather be those thumbs up/down then than the character count).

PPS How do you manage a different profile pic on the main site vs forum? I’d like that too.


It’s a good enough review, but I wouldn’t thank him for the tip in the public reply to it in case the buyer doesn’t want the tip info made public.

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Why would he care about that? It shows he liked what he got. He wouldn’t have left a tip otherwise.

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Recommend to a friend was rated 4*.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t recommend a writer to a friend, though, when you’ve rated their communication as 5* and their service as 5*.


How can you see that on someone else’s review? I clicked on everything I saw but couldn’t see the break-down.
I got a recent 4.7 where 1 star was “missing” from communication and I have honestly no idea what could have been any better with that, so was thinking either that infamous 4.3/4.7 bug is back, or, of course, the customer might be one of the “there is no perfection on earth” ones.

And I guess the “would not recommend” category is more indicative of something to do with the buyer (like MissC said above, they may not have anyone they could recommend the gig to) than something that was lacking from seller side. Unlucky wording IMO.


As far as I know, I don’t.

To be honest, I’ rather just say nothing and hope they go away.

You can’t really. Cy’s gig has only one review on it, so the rating breakdown is based on that one review.

When I changed my Fiverr profile pic, it didn’t change on the forum until I logged out and logged back in. I ended up having two different pics for about a week.

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I know exactly what you mean. I’ve had sellers do that too, leave tips and take up a lot of my time and then leave 4 star reviews. One even left a $500 tip and a 4 star review.

Oh, okay, a pity, I thought maybe you figured out a way to do that, but thanks.

Yes, I also need to log out and back in twice or so before my pic changes on the forum.

But how do you know then that the “missing star” was for “recommend to a friend”?

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Well, I haven’t changed my profile pic for over a year and on my end, my Fiverr and forum pic are the same. If there is a different picture on my profile, this is a bug with Fiverr.

Fancy sharing a screenshot?

Sure, one moment … or I can pm it if you prefer.

Public is fine. If it is already public, PM’ing is a bit silly.

To me, things look like:


(screenshot deleted, served its purpose)

That’s what I see, and on my part, I do clear cache and cookies pretty often.

In that case, this is a bug. I haven’t used that profile pic since late 2016.

I have that with that small thingie you can use to share gigs, it shows some pic I used 2 years ago or even more.

On the gig page itself, there’s a ratings breakdown. If a gig has only one review, the ratings breakdown is for that one review.

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Ah! Thank you! Sorry, I only ever look at reviews on profiles, I guess. I thought we can only see that breakdown for our own gigs and read Cy’s opening post three times to find how you and MissC knew that the 4 star part came from “recommend” …

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