Cursed? It does feel like it


Hello. So, - before everyone takes it too seriously - this is more of a joke than an actual ‘vent’ on something - but something we gotta get funny, no?

So, have you ever had a ‘cursed’ order? I’ve been working on this ONE short story for days, and every time I save it, the second half that’s written disappears. This is the third time that it happened and this time it came with a bunch of weird symbols replacing the letters. Oddly enough I always reach the very same part before it goes crazy.
The funny part is…
It IS about a curse.
So maybe something worse is going to happen?

  • who’s that knocking on the door again?

In all honestly my hard-drive is failing and I was stupid enough to not write it online where it gets saved all the time. I have all means to do it, but I always thought I just forgot to save it lol. BUT I am super curious if anyone else had ‘cursed’ orders. Or mishaps like mine, which could easily be avoided if you’re not dead tired and ready to fall off the chair sleeping :smiley:


You could try running a check of the drive, assuming it’s a hard disc (as this isn’t supposed to be done on SSDs) - if in Windows, right-click on the drive and select Properties->Tools->Check - at least that’s with Windows 10, I think it’s similar with other Windows versions.

If there’s no problem with the disc, another thing that could be tried is creating a new document and copying the text of the old to it.

Obviously back up the file (either online or to other media).

I haven’t had an order like this though.


Oh, the disk is completely broken, it’s a miracle it works (I’m waiting to get new one as we speak, I just need to figure out how to get one here that will actually will work with this old laptop :confused: as it’s not from this country and super old AND I’m afraid no one here will even be willing to help instead getting me to buy a new one…) the funny thing is that nothing else actually crashes, just this one file. Everything works fine photoshop worked etc but this… it just goes missing (and copypasting doesn’t work either… )
So naturally I’d assume the issue happens to be in that part of the hard drive that manages these things. Thanks a lot for the advice, I’ll try to check it myself and then cross my fingers to get the new one soon). I’ll back it up online this time.


@discobot fortune tell us if katakatica :computer: is cursed. :grin:


:crystal_ball: Outlook good


Pretty sure it’s just the story :smiley: Creepy stuff even for me :smiley: