Custmer asked for cancel


I’m experiencing this now:
I sent a preview to the client and he changed his mind, he wants more than asked in the beginning, I explained him why it can’t be done in that way, so he messaged me:
“Ok this won’t work for me
I will cancel the order and agree to pay half”

What can I do in the dashboard to cancel the order making clear that he’s the want who wants to cancel and also mark the option to pay half?



There is no partial payment option.Yes you can write in the cancellation reason but you have to check your cancellation rete


Yes, but the system doesn’t allow to pay after cancel. What can I do?


After cancelation you will send another half price gig. That way you can get half payment.


You will need to take another order with the half amount of the current order as the price. Fiverr doesn’t provide any feature to reduce/modify/edit the order amount.