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Custom buyer request with high budget and then didn't place order


These days i am receiving orders not frequently but like 2 orders in a week. These order were low budget. Yesterday, 2 people contacted me with custom buyer request and in their request they mentioned a little high budget. So i was happy. I discussed their task and that was simple one but budget was a bit more for that task. He asked me to send offer. Although they mentioned the budget in request, i still questioned “what is your purposed budget for this work, you mentioned $… in request.” He just said OK. I send him the offer but he didn’t accepted that. I think he realize that he budget is high. But then why he contacted me by quoting it? Or if he thought it was high he can negotiate it. Because i was discussing with him.

Similar happened again. After this request, i received another one and he did the same. I was little disappointed. Should i gave them my price rather than asking?


Why he has to negotiate with you? A lot of countries doesn’t have a culture of bargaining and it’s totally unacceptable there.
Don’t you have your own pricing in place? Why you had to send him a higher price than it is in reality?
That was just you trying to be sneaky.

Even if clients come to me with Higher budgets I give them the same price as on my gigs even if it’s lower than their budget.