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Hi guys!

I do custom work. Starting at $5. Now lets really get into what $5 really is. $5 orders from me is $5 worth of my time. That means about 10 minutes. If you artwork is going to take about 6 hours to complete I will quote accordingly to your project demands. EVERYTHING I do is custom. Nothing I do is copied, or copyrighted. I have great ratings, but I can tell you that 90% of my orders are $60 or more. My repeat customers do not mind paying for quality work for my quality price. I sometimes get buyers who want me to do a 20 page brochure / catalog for $20. Not going to happen. For a project that large just guessing based on the last one I did it was $700 for a client in Dubai.

If you feel like you are done paying a cheap price from some not all but cheap work, contact me. I have been doing this for a long time and I am upfront and honest with the work, and price wise. P.S. my favorite clients are the non stop repetitive clients. More work also gets better pricing. I only have one request to all new customers - rude people please stay away.