Custom Emails for Sellers


There have been cases where a buyer demands a seller’s email. But because Fiverr doesn’t allow this, the Seller ends up losing the job.

I want to make a suggestion: Fiverr can ask their programmers to assign automatic email to every seller using their username. For instance; your Fiverr email will be

A buyer can send message to such email and it will land on the seller’s inbox inside Fiverr. I think this will improve conversion for most of us.


What would be the difference than a potential buyer directly sending a message to the Fiverr inbox then? :thinking:


A buyer can send message to buyer without logging into Fiverr


Yes I think that actually is a good idea. Buyer will be convenient as he’ll be contacting “outside of fiverr” but for the seller, there will not be any illegal activity as all the activity will be still screened by fiverr. Win-Win


With the App they can answer messages with no need to log-in everytime.
If a potential buyer needs to buy a Gig, they must be logged, they cannot do it outside Fiverr.
I personally never lost a sale in my whole 5 years here, due to emails, Watsapp, Skype etc…
I say directly to my potential client that it is not allowed, that’s why they also accepted the ToS when signed up. :thinking:


Yes, I absolutely do the same. But it’s just an idea to ease the buyers.
Although, I do think it’ll be a pain for sellers to organize all the messages and stuff in different places. So I don’t completely LIKE this.


I bet if Fiverr can control also the Emails then there would not be any problem… :nerd:


now will you be logging in using your fiverr email or the email you registered with? When you receive an order where should the notification go?
Why does a buyer demand your email address?
If your buyer is really in need of an email address they should go and open one of their own, it’s free.


This is not a good idea - why? Because potential buyers will start asking for private info via their email on that custom address, they will start asking for work outside Fiverr, and if it gets posted in your Fiverr Inbox, then you’re going to be burned, because the people contacting you will think you’ll receive it in your email, not in your Fiverr inbox.


I think fiver rules are good to following…