Custom Extras disappeared!


Two of my gigs have the same problem: when creating a Custom Offer the Offer Scope (where you choose the extras) aren’t there anymore. As a result I’m not able to send Source File to clients who requested it.
Curiously, this problem is happening only to my only two gigs that are selling. I have contacted Fiverr Support already and told me to:

  • Update Flash (done!)
  • Try other browsers. (Check)
  • Remove cookies and history (just did that)
    …and restart my browser. However nothing seems to have helped. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Did I (in a stupid moment of those that sometimes everyone gets) maybe miss something on an update or should edit my gig?

Anyways, a big thank you to anyone out there who took the time to read and maybe answer something.


Try to send source files using Fiverr app on mobile devices.
If nothing happens, again contact with customer support.:slight_smile:


Thank you! Will try this with next orders!


Good luck for your next orders.:slightly_smiling_face: