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Custom Gig Thumbnails


I see this has been suggested / asked for over the years, with no response from Fiverr.

I made beautiful, eye-catching images to display on my gigs in search as the thumbnail, but they don’t show up.

Instead, the video thumbnail shows up. To make matters worse, the feature to choose a custom video thumbnail doesn’t work either! If it did, this would be somewhat of a solution as we could embed the image in the beginning of the video, and choose it to display as the video thumbnail. Instead, they’re all showing me with a goofy face. Unprofessional and embarassing.

This feature would be great, just like setting custom thumbnails on YouTube. Surprised Fiverr hasn’t acted on it or tried to fix the issue.


I think you are quite new…
Fiverr has the custom video thumbnail option that you can choose from any second of your video. Just after your video is approved, go to the gig edit page and then to the gallery tab and there click the edit icon in the video to set the thumbnail.


Thanks for your response! Does the feature work for you?

I know it exists, but it doesn’t work for me. I have seen other topics on this as well. They have the right idea but, when I choose a thumbnail it doesn’t work, it stays on a different one and I have no way of changing it. So Fiverr fixing this would be great!


It works fine for me.


You can also try adding the picture you want as thumbnail as the very end of your video. That had worked for me.