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CUSTOM GIGs impression mock-up GIG, available now!



Hello everyone.

I noticed that everyone is severely impacted by missing GIG’s impression so I have added to my mockup images GIG a new addition!!!

Completly custom GIG’s impression mockup web page image for only 5$!!!. It can and will be delivered in 5-15 minutes from received requirements. All you need to do is provide me with a screenshot of your current GIGs impression web page in HD quality and you will get your mockup custom numbers IMMEDIATELY!

This is a very unique offer at this time of despair. Samples available for serious buyers.

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Ahahah, absolutely hilarious!

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Pre-order question. Is the earnings customisable as well? :joy:

Good question. That earnings font is looking quite suspicious lol

@blavaro Yes, all are custom SIR. But the “CUSTOM” does not stand that you provide the numbers. The program that I JUST CREATED uses special code and algorithms to test your profile and then creates approximation as per his random desires. The customization is only to the GIGs part and your profile image, all rest is done authentically by the program.


I may just order that, no joke, just to see what number you come up with lol

@visualstudios DEAR SIR. Thank you for noticing. And YES the FONTS can also be at your desire, all fonts are included in the main price, except COMIC SANS font will be an extra 20$.

How the hell do you even do that on excel? Is that not an image? Are you using actual cells for the numbers??

Got it. Too risky. I would like to see earnings rather than the other staff. :smiley:

@visualstudios DM me I will send you the file or whatever is the legal way to share a file here. Dont tell me to share file with you and then kill me with TOS book. BUT YOU CAN NOT USE IT!!! Copyright and all. MINE. (#facepalm #doublefacepalm)

Ahahah, don’t worry about it!

@blavaro Earning custom mockup web page is also available. I do all mockups as per the desire of my most respected potential buyers that never both anything from me or even expressed a desire to.

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However, would mean an extra, right?

Nah, the extra is paid by tip only, as well as sharing her gigs on at least 3 quora posts and 2 other social medias. Dear sir.

No sir!!! Only 5$ for 2 mockups, GIGs and Earning.

TIPs are strongly forbidden in this offer!! No TIPS no extras, just 5$. Well 7$ to you and 4$ for me, but 5$!!

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Alright then. Enough sir bro game.

In my country SIR means cheese, so…

And if I do not use SIR how would you ever know this is a serious offer?

All serious professional offers starts with cheese.

The custom Earnings mockup page also included. Thank you for all the support!

This is easily one of the best threads I’ve seen so far, thank you @marinapomorac :smiley:

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